Yun Ina’s diary, summoned by the safe room

One of the most talked about players on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour this season is Bang Shin-sil (19). She finished 40th in last year’s KLPGA Tour Seeding Rankings, making her a ‘conditional seed’, meaning she can only play in select events, but she has been one of the most talked about rookies this season. She has only played in four tournaments, including the Christie’s F&C KLPGA Championship in April, but her fan base is growing every time she visits a tournament.

The key to Bang’s popularity is her long drives and aggressive approach to the course. While the average KLPGA Tour player’s drive is 236 yards (216 metres), Bangshinsil’s average drive is 265 yards (242 metres). Her average drive distance is also more than 30 metres longer than the tour players, with 33 tee shots over 280 yards (approximately 256 metres) in four tournaments. Fans have said that Bangshinsil’s play “cools you down”.

Bangsinsil reminds me of Yun Ina안전놀이터
I mention Bangshinsil because it ties in with what we’re going to talk about today. The name fans use when referring to Bangshinsil is Yoon In-na (20). She made her debut on the tour last season and was one of the hottest rookies last season before she had to take a hiatus from the tour for “Oguplay”.

Much like Bang, Yoon In-na’s long drives and aggressive approach to the course made her stand out. Yoon averaged 263 yards on her drives last season, tops on the tour. In 15 tournaments last season, Yoon hit drives of 280 yards or more 145 times. They are also similar in height, with Yoon Inna standing at 5-foot-9 and Bang Shin-shil at 5-foot-10.

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