‘You are the moral book’ Rashford rescues a woman in crisis… Turns out, the Swiss national team

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has saved a woman in crisis. Coincidentally, she was a soccer player with the same job.

According to British media reports, Rashford recently witnessed a huge crowd at a club in downtown Manchester. She was part of the Swiss women’s national team and was with Alicia Lehmann, who plays for Aston Villa Women. She also visited the club for the weekend, and as soon as she arrived, she was so surrounded that she could not take a step. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Seeing her in trouble, Rashford gave her and the party his VIP room through the club’s staff. According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, a club official explained the situation at the time, “The two met for the first time. Lehman thanked Rashford. After that, Rashford hung out with his party and Lehmann hung out with his party.” . 

When the incident became known, local fans paid tribute to Rashford’s goodwill. Rashford is living a “model life” enough to receive a medal from the British royal family by launching a nationwide campaign for undernourished children during the COVID-19 period. Even on the field, he has scored 29 points in 51 appearances this season. 

Meanwhile, Lehmann is one of the most fascinating soccer players in the world, gaining great popularity and attention not only for his skills but also for his striking appearance and bisexuality, and has 130,000 followers on personal SNS. 

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