World Cup Special Tok Tok… Cho Kyu-seong and Lee Kang-in ‘high limit’

The Korean national team, which made it to the round of 16 for the second time in history at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which ended last month, has a player who took this opportunity. It is K-League Jeonbuk Hyundai striker Cho Kyu-seong (24). After showing an impressive appearance as a substitute in the second half of the first group match against Uruguay, he started in the second match against Ghana and scored two goals in a row in a situation where he fell 0-2 in the second half. Although the team lost 2-3 in this game, Cho Kyu-sung proved that he could score even against a European big-league-level defense, and his stock price went up even more through the third game against Portugal. As a result, there were countless transfer rumors surrounding him right after the tournament.

While the European football winter transfer market opened on the 1st, the transfer movement is now in full swing. The specific conditions, including the team that wants Cho Kyu-sung and the transfer fee, are leaking out one after another through the local media. The most advanced teams among them are Mainz of the German Bundesliga and Celtic of the Scottish League. British media Sky Sports said on the 8th (local time), “Celtic offered a transfer fee of about 3 million pounds (about 4.5 billion won) to recruit Korean striker Cho Kyu-sung.” “We received a similar offer from Mainz.” The media added, “However, Mainz does not seem ready to raise the transfer fee further.”

Mainz is a representative ‘friendly’ club in the Bundesliga, where Park Joo-ho (Suwon FC) and Ji Dong-won (Seoul) passed through, and Lee Jae-seong is currently playing. For Celtic, Ki Sung-yueng (Seoul) took part in the past. It is a good destination for Cho Kyu-seong, who is taking on the European stage for the first time, as they are teams that can give a chance without prejudice against Korean players. First of all, Celtic is ahead in the transfer fee competition, but Mainz also has many advantages, such as the fact that it is a big league club and the national team senior Lee Jae-seong is playing, so it seems that the two clubs will fiercely compete for Cho Kyu-seong in the future. 메이저놀이터

Reports are continuing that not only this World Cup, but also Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca), who made an outstanding performance in the 2022-2023 Spanish Primera Liga, is about to transfer. One of the influential La Liga reporters, Mateo Moreto of Lelevo, a Spanish media, said on his social network service (SNS) on the 6th, “There is a 90% chance that Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca this winter. The destination will be the English Premier League (EPL) or the Netherlands,” said the transfer rumor. On the 8th, Spain’s Marca reported, “Newcastle, Aston Villa, Burnley and Feyenoord are paying attention to negotiations for Kang-in Lee.” As much as the name of the specific club has been leaked, it seems that the transfer has become much more serious.

Among them, Newcastle is a team taking over in 2021 by the Saudi Arabian royal family and challenging to become a big club. After the transfer, if both the team and Lee Kang-in develop smoothly, it is possible to leap to the top level of competition in Europe at once. Aston Villa is led by Spanish coach Unai Emery, who led Villarreal until the beginning of this season, so Lee Kang-in, who is familiar with Spanish culture, can adapt quickly.

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