Woori Bank, who exploded with a 3-point shot, won by 34 points against Hanawon Q

 He persistently dug into his opponent’s weaknesses. He continued to attack without missing the flow of good play. Asan Woori Bank, which is running for first place in women’s professional basketball, had no ‘mercy’. Against Bucheon Hana 1Q, which was at the bottom of the league, they made 15 3-pointers and won a 94-60, 34-point victory.

Woori Bank overwhelmingly defeated the home team Hana 1Q in the 5th round away game of the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 10th, and was the first to step on the 20-win (4-loss) hill of the season. With this, Woori Bank has only one win left to win the regular league on its own. It was an unrivaled power.

Even before the game on this day, the difference in power was greatly inclined. Hana 1Q, which had only 3 wins (22 losses) so far, was very unlikely to catch Woori Bank. However, Woori Bank was not vigilant. Like a lion hunting a rabbit with all his might, he pounded Hana One Q from the beginning of the game. The match showed Woori Bank manager Wi Seong-woo’s meticulousness as it was.

At the beginning 메이저놀이터of the first quarter, Woori Bank’s veteran trio Park Hye-jin and Kim Jong-un, Kim Dan-bi, led the game. It started with Kim Dan-bi’s two-point shot, followed by Park Hye-jin’s quick attack, defensive rebound, and assist show, and Kim Jong-un received Park Hye-jin’s pass and hit a 3-pointer. Hana 1 Q fought in the early stages with Yang In-young at the forefront, but was unable to compete. Scores quickly widened. In the end, it was 26-10 from the first quarter. Woori Bank scored 11 points by blocking Hana 1 Q from 3 minutes before the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was a close match. Hana One Q Shin Ji-hyun showed off his scoring ability and faced Woori Bank. Woori Bank slightly saved its strength and flowed on an equal footing. However, Woori Bank raised the pitch again from the second half. Scores were scored through various scoring routes from inside and outside, and they split the winning streak early. Park Ji-hyun scored the most points in the team with 20 points, and Kim Dan-bi and Park Hye-jin also scored 17 points each.

Woori Bank, which has only one win left to win on their own, will meet Busan BNKsome on the 13th. If you win here, you win the regular league. Woori Bank is recording a 4-game winning streak against BNK Some in the previous rounds 1-4.

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