WKBL without Park Ji-soo, Kim Dan-bi’s solo performance and Kim Sonia’s challenge

Last season, women’s professional basketball was the world of Park Ji-soo (KB). He swept first place in each category in his personal record and led Cheongju KB to the combined championship with unrivaled performance. The regular league round MVP also swept the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rounds alone and dominated half of them.

Women’s professional basketball in the 2022-2023 season is the world of Kim Dan-bi (33, Woori Bank). As of the 8th, Kim Dan-bi is running first in team contribution. He compiled three triple-doubles this season alone, putting up 20 or more points almost every game. Like Park Ji-soo last season, he monopolized the MVP of the 1st, 2nd and 4th rounds.

Danbi Kim became 메이저놀이터a free agent (FA) ahead of this season and transferred to Woori Bank. Danbi Kim, an all-weather forward with a variety of attack patterns and a wide range of defense, has completely improved Woori Bank not only in offense but also in defense. Woori Bank, which was previously a strong defensive team, completely filled the inside defense with the addition of tall forward Kim Dan-bi. By recruiting special express Kim Dan-bi, he filled the last button of defense rather than offense.

Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo said, “Since there are not many players with very good height, there were a lot of points given from the inside, but with the arrival of Dan-Bi Kim, who blocks and has the strength to endure from the inside, the number of goals lost has decreased significantly compared to last season.” effect was emphasized. Woori Bank, with Kim Dan-bi at the forefront, is on the verge of winning the regular league after running alone throughout the season, just like KB last season. Danbi Kim’s chances of winning the regular league MVP are very high.

However, the challenge of Sonia Kim (30, Shinhan Bank) against Danbi Kim’s solo performance is meaningful.

Sonia Kim is the number one scorer as of the 8th. With an average of 19.39 points, she is ahead of Danbi Kim (18.74 points). The 3rd round MVP, which Danbi Kim once missed, belonged to Sonia Kim.

Sonia Kim’s explosive power is the driving force behind Shinhan Bank’s fight for second place at the end of the season. While Shinhan Bank recently won three games in a row, Sonia Kim scored 78 points. Even in the 5th round, he is a strong MVP candidate.

Sonia Kim played for Woori Bank until last season. Woori Bank recruited free agent Danbi Kim, who played for Shinhan Bank, and Sonia Kim was nominated by Shinhan Bank as the compensation player. In the first season, Sonia Kim is behind the scenes and is creating a competitive landscape as the virtually only opponent of Kim Dan-bi, who is solo.

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