Why does the controversy about him continue… Oh Jae-won is also at a point where he needs to think.

Oh Jae-won created another controversy.

This time, the reason was the shooting of Park Chan-ho, a senior presidential candidate.

Oh Jae-won, a commentator at SPOTV, said on the YouTube channel of ‘Den Magazine’ on the 10th, “I hate the Korean Express so much. Now that I am a normal person, I can talk.”

Commissioner Oh presupposed that Park Chan-ho was “the founder who really brightened our country and coined the word ‘Korean Express’” and pointed out, “Before that, the whole nation woke up at dawn and cheered for him, and it seems that he did not know the gratitude he had.” did.

Commissioner Oh said, “There are not one or two players who made a fool while commenting once. He never took responsibility for it.”

“Commentary is for a third person. I think the purpose is to convey the exact situation to the listeners when commentating. When a situation arises during commentary, it is easy to say things like ‘I was really sorry for that defense’ or ‘I was very sorry for that hit’. Also, words like ‘when I saw it…’ were what he saw, and misunderstandings pile up with such irresponsible words, and that becomes an image. I really hated that.”

However, the reaction of the fans was cold. The point that Jaewon Oh failed to control his personal emotions is gaining strength.

The reason was that it was difficult to find a baseball player who worked hard for fans as much as Park Chan-ho.

Also, Oh Jae-won is a person who caused countless controversies during his active career. He must have had a lot of regrets himself.

For this reason, we must not forget that commissioner Park Chan-ho, who was involved in this controversy, may also feel unfair.

Jaewon Oh’s illegal bat controversy was the last controversy he made before his retirement (2021 season).

However, Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki asked the referees to confirm whether the bat Oh Jae-won used was a Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) certified bat.

Referee Bae Byung-doo and other referees directly checked the bat and confirmed that Oh Jae-won used an unofficial bat.

Even winning was embarrassing. Because of the unofficial bat. There is no problem with the bat Oh Jae-won used at the moment he hit the final stroke. However, using an unofficial bat in the previous at-bat is a problem.

An unofficial bat is one that has not been certified by the KBO. This is a rule violation and subject to sanctions. In the 2021 KBO Rules, Article 5 Paragraph 4 of KBO Bat Authorization Regulations, if a player uses a bat without an official seal during the game, the governor can issue a penalty or suspension. The KBO is also planning to take action after confirming the use of an unofficial bat.

After the game, Oh Jae-won also scored three hits, but his expression was not bright. “It is my negligence. I will change the bat. The rules must be followed,” he said, while lying on his stomach, he complained of regret, saying, “It was a bat that didn’t break until the end.”

The question was why Jaewon Oh was at the center of the controversy. It was because the controversy that became the center of Oh Jae-won was not once or twice. Just a year ago, Oh Jae-won had made issues twice.

On May 26, 2020, Jae-Won Oh, who entered the bat in a one-out situation at the end of the second inning against the SK Wyverns in Jamsil, suddenly lowered the bat when opposing starter Jong-Hoon Park pitched. It is a posture that indicates that he has no intention of hitting. The ball had already left Park Jong-hun’s hand and the referee declared the ball. Oh Jae-won judged that he did not swing.

American baseball analyst Rob Friedman expressed his doubts by posting this on his social media. Friedman said, “Does he (Oh Jae-won) look like he is trying to hit the ball?” Then, among overseas fans, a debate arose over whether Jaewon Oh’s behavior was swinging or not.

Oh Jae-won said, “I’d rather be criticized.”

It didn’t end here. On June 21, he was used as a pinch hitter in the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil, but he did not appear until about two minutes later, so the game was stopped. The explanation was absurd. Oh Jae-won was in the bathroom.

Oh Jae-won also took off his hat and apologized to the LG dugout after the game to clear up the misunderstanding (?), but it was not heard that the LG players sincerely accepted the apology.메이저놀이터

Previously, Jaewon Oh was frequently on the cutting board for actions that frowned on his opponent. In defense, he is immeasurable, such as actions that seem to interfere with running base, holding a broken bat after hitting and running bloodily in the direction of first base.

Every time he was lost between his fighting spirit and controversy. This time, too, he brought controversy upon himself and was not supported by fans.

The time has come for Oh Jae-won to seriously think about why his actions and words are constantly being controversial.

As a commentator, he is receiving high marks for his good voice, detailed analysis, and friendly interpretation, so he needs to be more careful with himself.

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