Who will be the next goalkeeper for Lloris? “Pickford is number one, Raya is second”

The goalkeeper position, which was not worried about, now needs to be prepared.

The British media’Telegraph’ announced on the 10th (Korean time), “Tottenham will seek a new goalkeeper after this season. Jordan Pickford of Everton is the first priority, followed by Brentford’s David Rayada.”

Tottenham’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Lloris, who moved to Tottenham from Olympique Lyonnais in 2012, has been a Tottenham goalkeeper for 10 years.

He played 439 games for Tottenham alone and has been the team’s captain since 2010. Lloris, the main goalkeeper of the French national team and a top player in the Premier League, showed off his stable defense skills.

Last summer, he brought Fraser Foster as a backup goalkeeper, but he only made 3 appearances. That’s why there is no room for the goalkeeper’s position other than Lloris.

However, Lloris was also born in 1986 and is looking at his late 30s. At the end of this season, his contract with Tottenham will have one year left. It is time for Tottenham to gradually find a successor to Lloris.

Bickford is the main goalkeeper for Everton and the England national team. One of the basic essential skills of a goalkeeper is world-class. 메이저놀이터

Raya, from Spain, has a different style from Bickford. The build-up ability required of modern goalkeepers is excellent. His passing and vision are good, and he has an impact on the team’s attack.

It is true that the goalkeeper has become more urgent than before, but that is not a priority for Tottenham’s recruitment. Tottenham are focusing on signing right wingbacks and attacking midfielders in the transfer market.

‘Telegraph’ said, “Tottenham are more interested in signing Pedro Poro, Marcus Edwards and Frank Kessie than goalkeepers.”

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