I once stood at the old ferry, let a period of the most beautiful years live up to the fireworks of a prosperous age, let all the life and death in my dreams be speechless, never give up in the yellow spring, never leave in the end of the world, those who give up lightly Youth has become the endless regret of this life, and I am the only one who continues to write the ending in the story.
The paintings of my hometown have already entered autumn, the narration of late autumn, the coldness of early winter, just kneading together, alone, traveling in a foreign land, but still struggling at the end of summer, I began to feel sorry for my autumn robes, winter clothes, why are they still quiet lying in the suitcase.
Wearing short sleeves, shorts, and sandals, I look like a child running under the scorching sun. In the November of Weiyang, I lived my seemingly sinking life wantonly. I said: The Macao Chinese Orchestra is coming to cooperate with us. I want to It must be an excellent opportunity to see the world, broaden your horizons, and take this opportunity to improve yourself in the world of masters. I think I am very happy. In the busy days, the mind should be calm and indifferent , However… In
the days of struggle, everything is a blank sheet of paper, but I still think about it. I can’t help but blame myself, feel ashamed, worried, and sad… Thinking about how I have vowed to continue to add value to myself, it is better than being in such a In the stranded sunset, or in the cool watery path, you can meet such a person, and then you can calmly and confidently tell me that I am the one who is constantly improving and growing, not like I am now, So humble to the dust, blooming residual flowers. 메이저놀이터
Sometimes, a person’s hard work is to enable himself to live a better life, or to meet a better you, so he can be so humble, but all my efforts, at the moment I met you, It seems so unreachable to become clouds and smoke, and so many accumulated thousands of words are no match for all the realities.
With the background of the years, with the little lovesickness, I picked up the beauty scattered all over the ground and felt heartbroken. I struggled to find that little beauty in the fleeting years, but it seemed so sad. I said: Some feelings stop at The lips and teeth are hidden in the years, but they don’t know that the fleeting years that have passed by the wind can’t withstand half a green candle, and the beautiful woman’s poems before the flowers can’t get drunk in the valley, the falling shadows and paintings are miserable, and countless poems can be drunk in a thousand cups.
How many passers-by in the world of mortals have also escaped from the rice paddies, scatter their footsteps, and open their eyes as if waking up from a dream, only to suddenly understand what is the evil of a thousand sails, a finger of quicksand, a jackdaw weeping on the phoenix tree, half-dyed Carried maple red.
I wrote a few words about you, and wrote all the long-distance and affection, but I was still lost in this hundred-turn economics. I once deeply understood, what is the reason for this superficial relationship? At the next crossroads where we run wildly, we still wait for the years to be as quiet as before.
It’s just that I just met by chance, without a name, without a photo, without any details about you, but it still outlines all my curiosity and appreciation. I vaguely remember that there was a day when I looked through all of your things and I was able to learn Then, in the chasing crowd, I stopped my footsteps that could not advance or retreat. I could only stay where I was, watching you wandering in my sight, seeing your beauty, and those unique longings.
There are always people standing on high places, and there are always people who will look far away, and there will always be people who look up to see the scenery in the sky, and there will always be people who will quietly lower their eyebrows and smile. , and find myself in this strange crack, maybe you and I are like parallel lines that never meet, but when you go farther and farther, you still have eyes that I can’t lose.
Reluctant, the intention is to choose, willing, the intention is despair, helpless every rain that falls, listen to the ruthlessness.
Those attachments in my youth have become memories, and they have also become ridiculous yesterdays. However, the affection that I can no longer touch, you who are clearly in my sight, are clearly far away from me.
With the development of the Internet, the transmission of information is so fast, but no matter how fast it is, it is not as fast as people’s hearts. Through the transparent screen, the love is separated by a little bit. After all, it is my wishful thinking. Flowers fall in a dream, and the prosperity is as old as before. It’s just, little After leaving such a person, the passing street is lonely.
In the darkness of night, I walked at the end of the ancient roads and alleys. The blue bricks and gray tiles are in color, and the rows and lines are beautiful. It has a meaning. I hold a cup of fruity fragrance and drink alone. I can see the moon hanging on the treetops and think about the people who came. , the road you have traveled, and you.

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