When you meet KCC, it gets smaller… Director Seo Dong-cheol “a frustrating game”

“Nothing happened.”

Men’s professional basketball team KT fell into a two-game losing streak. On the 10th, it lost 60-79 in the 4th round home game of ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ against KCC held at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena. The first half of the season ended with a record of 13 wins and 17 losses. After the game, KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “Nothing was wrong with the opponent’s pressure defense. He was shaken up to the defense as the offense did not work out. I think I played a frustrating game,” he said. 메이저놀이터

The sluggishness of the key players was painful. In the case of Yang Hong-seok, he only ran 4 minutes and 59 seconds that day. Manager Seo Dong-cheol said, “It was not the attitude of a player who wanted to play. He didn’t seem to have much willpower. I don’t know why,” he said. Jeong Sung-woo also shook with 5 points in 26 minutes and 5 seconds. Jeong Seong-woo pointed out, “There is a play I want from (Jung) Sung-woo, regardless of whether he is good or bad, but he just does what he wants.”

We aimed for a 50% win rate in the first half, but it was not achieved. It is regrettable that the performance fluctuated due to the silence of foreigners at the beginning of the season. The same goes for showing weaknesses against certain teams. For example, KT suffered defeat in all four confrontations with KCC in the first half. Manager Seo Dong-cheol said, “The complete defeat in the previous game seems to have had an impact. I couldn’t even do it right today. I should have overcome it, but I didn’t. I couldn’t play basketball properly and lost. Not only me but also the players will be upset.”

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