WBC match 1 opponent Australia rumored to include multiple major leaguers

Prior to the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which opens next month, the final entry for the participating countries will be released on the 10th (Korean time).

Twenty participating countries, including Korea, submitted a list of 30 players to the WBC Organizing Committee by the last entry deadline of the 8th. The entire final entry will be released live through the US Major League Baseball (MLB) network on the 10th.

The first round of this tournament will be divided into 4 groups, from A to D. Group A, which will play in Taichung, Taiwan, includes Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Cuba, Italy and Panama. Group B in Tokyo, Japan featured South Korea, Japan, Australia메이저놀이터, China, and the Czech Republic, while Group C, which will compete in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, featured the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In Group D, which will be held in Miami, Florida, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, and Nicaragua compete to advance to the second round.

The point of attention is, of course, the power of the opponent in the first round. First of all, in Group B, Korea and Japan announced their final entries early. Considering that China and the Czech Republic are underdogs, Australia’s strength and player composition are the key.

Australia, their opponent in the first leg, has not yet released their list of players. There is a prospect that some major leaguers will be included, but it is not certain at this time. It is only heard that some members of the national team gathered early in their country to match their hands and feet. For Korea, it is possible to manage the game leisurely only when it catches Australia in the first game. To this end, national team coach Lee Kang-cheol (57) went to Australia last month and watched the Australian Baseball League (ABL).

On the other hand, the New York Post of the United States said on the 9th, “We should also pay attention to Group B, which the United States does not belong to,” and introduced, “In Group B, there is KBO League MVP Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes).” “Lee Jung-hoo, who hit 23 home runs last year, signed a contract with Bora Corporation led by Scott Boras. It is certain that he will advance to the major leagues.

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