Kiwoom is reluctant to mention ‘sign and trade’, one of the contract methods of free agent (FA) Han Hyun-hee (29, photo) first. Ko Hyeong-wook, director of Kiwoom, said, “We are not in a position to talk about this or that first.”

Even if Kiwoom is considering ‘sign and trade’, it is because it can only increase the disadvantage in the transaction.

In 2023, it has become virtually difficult for Han Hyun-hee, a grade A in FA, to transfer through a proper FA contract. Even taking into account the A-class FA reward player regulations (20 protected players and 1 person), it is a disastrous situation for a pitcher who played a semi-ace-class role at the height of his age.

One of the common stories shared by club officials who were worthy of considering his recruitment in any way is Kiwoom’s fall baseball this year.

Han Hyun-hee failed to make his name in the playoffs and Korean Series entries in the postseason last October. He said that after being punished for a quarantine violation related to Corona 19 last year and suffering a blow to his image, he was eliminated from the postseason entry this year, leaving a question mark in terms of skill.

An official from a club said, “It may be Kiwoom’s own judgment that Kiwoom did not use Han Hyun-hee in the postseason, but it was a scene that definitely brought about a change in the external perspective.”

Han appeared in two games in the semi-playoff against KT and gave up 3 runs on 3 hits (1 home run) in 3.2 innings, then was excluded from the entry in the playoff against LG and the Korean series against SSG.

Kiwoom achieved results as runner-up in the Korean Series, but Han Hyun-hee could not laugh. The pain of autumn is eventually creating the sadness of winter. 메이저사이트

It seems that Kiwoom will not go first. This is because if there is no proper compensation for Han Hyun-hee’s transfer, Han Hyun-hee can be tied up with a club-led contract in any form.

While the free agent market was cold, on the 16th, another free agent pitcher Lee Jae-hak (32) remained in NC. His contract period was 2 + 1 years, and he signed a contract for up to 900 million won. Lee Jae-hak has won more than 10 wins for 4 consecutive years since the first season of the NC 1st team in 2013, and as a pitcher with a personal career of 77 wins (71 losses), he left a career comparable to Han Hyun-hee with a total of 65 wins and 105 holds. However, he was unable to take the initiative in free agency negotiations due to his recent sluggishness, such as staying in 3 wins this year, and remained after difficult negotiations.