‘Villena the shortest?’ Director Hu In-jeong of KB Insurance “It can work well enough”

KB Insurance will seek revenge against Korean Air, which suffered the humiliation of three previous losses this season.

KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong said in an interview with Korean Air before the home game in the 2022-2023 Dodram V League men’s round 4 held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 24th, “It would be nice to win, but I asked the players to work with the idea of ​​catching one set. “he said. He continued, saying, “If we work hard in each set, we will be able to play a good game,” giving the players confidence.

Recently, foreign player Villena is maintaining good condition, so it is worth looking forward to. On the 21st, in the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Viyena achieved the triple crown by posting 38 points, including 5 blocking points, 3 serving points, and 17 points in the back attack. Here, he showed off his firepower by recording the most points scored per season.

However, he struggled a bit whenever he faced a team with good blocking. With a height of 194 cm, Villena is the shortest among all foreign players in the men’s division. 온라인바카라

Nevertheless, Coach Hu expressed his confidence, saying, “Korean Air is not a bad blocking team, but it is not as high as Hyundai Capital’s,” and “I think Villena’s attack can work well.”

“The opponent is a team with many mistakes. The key will be to reduce our mistakes,” he said.

However, the sub plans to try more boldly. Coach Hu emphasized, “I asked players who jump serves to be strong even if they make mistakes,” and emphasized, “If the target serve goes in properly, there will be a chance of winning.”

KB Insurance is currently in 6th place with 7 wins, 15 losses and 21 points. It is still in the lower ranks, but the challenge for spring volleyball is not over yet. Coach Hu said, “If I can play a good game and go to the playoffs, I think that’s the best finish.

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