Unexpected deduction, Choi Doo-ho’s return to the UFC, a draw (overall)

 ‘Superboy’ Choi Doo-ho lost all the victories as he was deducted points due to an intentional headbutt decision.

On the 5th (Korean time), Choi Doo-ho faced Kyle Nelson in the UFC Fight Night featherweight match held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas 메이저놀이터, Nevada, USA, and had a rather dominant match, but ended in a draw. One judge gave Doo-Ho Choi a 29-27 lead, but the other two judges tied the score at 28-28.

Choi Doo-ho, who was unable to stand on the UFC stage due to restrictions on overseas travel for a while due to waiting for the call-up of social worker, has recently been on the Octagon stage for the first time in 3 years and 2 months since December 2019 as the military service issue was resolved.

Choi Doo-ho put pressure on Nelson with punches and leg kicks from the first round, and in the second round he also took advantage of the attack with kicks and punches. In the third round, Choi Doo-ho played the game well and was close to winning.

However, in the middle of the 3rd round, Dooho Choi collided with Nelson in a situation where he was in a top position. The referee stopped the game and gave Doo-Ho Choi a one-point deduction for an intentional headbutt. If it wasn’t intentional, it could have ended with a warning, and it was a somewhat unclear decision because intentionality could not be seen in the replay.

Nelson thought that Choi Doo-ho’s 1-point deduction would give him an advantage in the decision, so he grabbed his legs and tried to pass the time. In the end, a one-point deduction cost Choi Doo-ho the victory. It was not a loss, but it was even more disappointing because it could have been a unanimous decision victory for Choi Doo-ho if the points were not deducted.

Daun Jeong recorded a unanimous decision loss in the light heavyweight match against Devin Clark, and lost two consecutive matches after being knocked out against Dustin Jacobi in July of last year.

From the second half of the first round, Jung Da-un played a difficult match, allowing Clark to punch several times in a lower position. Daun Jeong tried to counterattack in the second round, but Clark did not face any crisis due to his skillful management of the match and led the match. In the end, Jung Da-un had to realize the difference in skill with Clark.

There was no victory by Korean players in the main card match, but cheers from Korean players continued in the remaining matches, including the Road to UFC match.

In the flyweight final match, Park Hyeon-seong met his fellow Korean fighter, Choi Seung-guk, and received a tapout with a rear naked choke in 3 minutes and 11 seconds of the third round. Hyun-Sung Park became the first Korean fighter in the flyweight division.

Lee Jung-young also won a 2-1 decision win against Chinese fighter Li Li in a featherweight match and successfully signed a UFC contract. In the previous match, Park Jun-yong also faced Dennis Tutuulin (Russia) and won the match by receiving a tap-out with a rear naked choke in 4 minutes and 5 seconds of the first round. However, Kim Ji-yeon was unable to make it to the Octagon because the match was canceled due to her opponent Mandy Böhm (Germany)’s poor condition.

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