Ukraine, Australia demand sanctions against Djokovic’s father for filming with Russian flag

Ukrainian Embassy in Australia sanctioned Novak Djokovic (Serbia)’s father after a video was released showing him posing with the Russian flag outside the stadium while the Russian flag was banned from the stadium at the Australian Open tennis tournament. strongly demanded that it be done.

According to Australian ABC broadcasting on the 27th, Ukrainian Ambassador Vasil Myroshnichenko said that the Russian flag is a symbol of the invasion of Ukraine and that Djokovic’s father, Srdian Djokovic, should not be allowed to enter the stadium during the remaining tournament period.

Ambassador Mairoshnichenko insisted that “this is an unacceptable disgrace to the Australian Open tournament” and “sanctions must be applied.”

He also said that Djokovic should state his position on the situation. “Djokovic should say what he thinks about his father, about the war in Ukraine, about Putin.”

The Australian Tennis Association banned the Russian and Belarusian flags from being displayed at the Australian Open tennis tournament, and banned players from the two countries from using their national names, national flags, and national anthems in this tournament.

Despite this decision, four fans who unfurled the Russian flag were kicked out of the stadium.

Meanwhile, on the 25th, a video of Serdian Djokovic posing with a group of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face-printed Russian flags in Melbourne Park, where the stadium is located, was posted on YouTube and is controversial. This is the day Djokovic defeated Andrei Rublev (Russia) in the quarterfinals.

One of the people in the group was wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Z’ emblazoned on it, representing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 메이저놀이터

In particular, the video also includes a scene in which Serdian Djokovic says “Ziveli Russiyani”. It means “for the Russians” in Serbian. It can be seen as supporting Russia in the war in Ukraine.

“We continue to work closely with authorities to ensure the security of the tournament,” the Australian Tennis Federation said in a statement. In addition, Melbourne Park, where the incident took place, decided to strengthen security to prevent pro-Russian items from being brought in.

Australia’s ABC reported that the person who uploaded the video was a user named Simeon Boykov, and that the NSW State Police were trying to arrest him for a separate matter from this incident.

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