Two soccer geniuses met at Suwon FC… Pay attention to the compatibility of Yoon Bit-garam and Lee Seung-woo

Two players who were once called soccer geniuses gathered at the professional soccer Suwon FC. Attention is focusing on how far Yoon Bit-garam (33) and Lee Seung-woo (25) will take Suwon FC while eating rice in one pot.

On the 7th, Suwon FC’s Yoon Bit-garam and Lee Seung-woo appeared at the Hana One Q K-League 2023 Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Seogwipo 메이저놀이터Hotel in Jeju. When the two players, who were once regarded as soccer geniuses, held a press conference side by side, a question came up asking if there was a moment when they were surprised to see each other’s genius.

Lee Seung-woo is a player who was evaluated as a ‘Korean Messi’ during his childhood at FC Barcelona. Yoon Bit-garam also showed excellent skills in terms of passing and kicking power, and was given the modifier genius.

Lee Seung-woo got lucky first. Lee Seung-woo said, “I’m already looking forward to how well Garam, who was a football genius, will do this season if his older brother takes responsibility (as captain).”

Lee Seung-woo said, “It’s not just me, all the players are more surprised than I expected to see (Light) Garam-hyung’s passing or kicking power during training or practice games.” It feels good to be raised and I look forward to seeing such a player as a team member. I look forward to seeing Suwon FC’s offensive soccer become more fun.”

“When I first came to Suwon FC, I came because of the general manager and coach, but Park Joo-ho came because of many stories and persuasion,” he said. “This year, Yoon Bit-garam is a player. He is a player. I have a great desire to be with him when I have troubles.”

Regarding the fact that Yoon Bit-garam moved to Suwon FC after a conflict with coach Nam Ki-il, Lee Seung-woo also said, “I didn’t believe it when Yun Bit-garam said he was coming. I was so surprised that he was coming.” I was happy when he said he was coming. Now, I hope (Yoon Bit-garam) can play soccer comfortably and happily.”

Then Bitgaram Yoon responded.

“Seung-woo showed a lot last year,” said Yoon Bit-garam.

Yoon Bitgaram continued, “Even when training, I thought there was a part that I didn’t have. There was a part that surprised me during training,” he said.

Head coach Kim Do-gyun, who will lead the two players, was happy but advised that they should sacrifice each other.

Manager Kim said, “If we only have talent and play each other, it will be a more difficult team. There must be sacrifice in talent.” We should be able to have more.”

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