Two group champion Lee Do-gyeom advances to ONE… Brazilian slugger and debut match

Former mixed martial arts champion Lee Do-gyeom (33) advances to the ONE Championship, Asia’s largest organization.

ONE Friday Fights 12 will be held on the 7th at Lumpini Stadium (capacity: 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand. Lee Do-gyeom will have a mixed martial arts featherweight match against Guillereme Antunes (29, Brazil).

ONE Friday Fights is a brand launched by One Championship in Thailand in January 2023. On Fridays, competitions featuring kickboxing and mixed martial arts, centering on Muay Thai, the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, are being presented. 토토사이트

Lee Do-gyeom won ▲ 2016 URCC (Philippines) ▲ 2020 UAE Warriors (UAE) featherweight champion. His ▲ 2019 AFC (Korea) title match ▲ 2022 Professional Fighters League (USA) participation is also noteworthy.

Antunes is a Brazilian Muay Thai champion. Mixed martial arts has also not yet lost a professional game with 5 consecutive wins since 2019.

As a strong fighter in Muay Thai, Antunes boasts an 80% (4/5) KO win rate in mixed martial arts. Lee Do-gyeom also won 5 of his 8 wins by KO.

Antunes also has some jiu-jitsu skills, including winning his most recent mixed martial arts match with a choke technique called Rear Naked Choke. Lee Do-gyeom won one win each with an arm joint attack and RNC.

Attention is focusing on whether Lee Do-gyeom, who has won only one decision victory, and Antunes, who has no victory at all, will be able to engage in a hot mixed martial arts showdown that will enthuse the Thai crowd, the origin of Muay Thai.

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