‘Top Pick Reservation’… ‘Korean Dream’ of Mongolian youth who waited for 6 years

 For them, Mongolian youth, a dream stage, are waiting to enter the V-League.

Bayar Saihan (197cm MB) and Eddie (198cm MB) from Mongolia challenged the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout. In January 2017, six years ago, the two set foot on Korean soil together with the dream of entering the V-League.

To them, the Asian Quarter is no different than a ‘savior’. Originally, he planned to acquire Korean nationality after fulfilling the naturalization requirement of ‘legal stay in Korea for more than 5 years’. However, naturalization failed as criteria such as income and property were recently added to the application requirements, because KOVO was given the opportunity to play on the V-League stage thanks to the Asia Quarter, which is being implemented from this season.

Bayarsaihan, whom we met after playing a practice game in the face-to-face Asia Quarter, said, “It was really difficult when naturalization failed due to a change in the naturalization law. He said, “I only looked at the V-League for five years…” and said, “That’s why (Asia Quarter) means a lot to me.” Eddie also replied, “One of my dreams.”

Bayarsaihan and Eddy are considered the first and second priority by managers of the seven V-League men’s clubs. Even jumps that utilize the elasticity unique to his tall height. Among the total of 24 players who applied for the Asian Quarter, he boasts the most outstanding skills. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Being able to play a variety of positions is also considered an advantage. Both were supported as middle blockers, but can also be used as apposite spikers or outside heaters. Bayarsaihan said, “I am comfortable with a middle blocker, but in college, when I was in the back, I hit the back attack without replacing it with the libero. When I played in Mongolia, I digested both the apogee and the outside heater.” Eddie said, “The thing I am most confident about is Apposite. If he goes pro, he can play any position,” he said confidently.

Fluency in Korean is also a plus factor. no need for an interpreter The two also became ‘interpreters’ for other Mongolian players. He is a multi-faceted beauty who can even speak English. Bayarsaihan is familiar with Korean volleyball and culture, as he went through college life at Inha University and Eddie at Sungkyunkwan University.

He is thinking about ‘naturalization’ even after joining the V-League. The two said, “If the requirements for naturalization are met, there is also an idea of ​​naturalization,” and Bayarsaihan said, “Korea has a higher volleyball level than Mongolia. I want to challenge myself in a higher league,” he added. Every word they said contained ‘simplicity’ and ‘passion’.

The final draft will be held on the 27th at 3pm. Can the two top picks put an end to the six-year wait?

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