Titleist launches city tour van

“The best service available only to tour players in the city center.”

Titleist held an unveiling event for the ‘Titleist City Tour Van’ in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 15th. About 50 people, including Fila Holdings CEO Yoon Yoon-soo, Fila Holdings CEO Yoon Geun-chang, and Acushnet Korea CEO Choi In-yong, attended and celebrated the launch of the City Tour Van. Chairman Yoon said, “It is a natural decision to introduce the world’s first city tour van to Korea, where there are many passionate golfers.”

The tour van is an ’emergency room at the event site’ that provides various services and conveniences needed to improve athletes’ performance. The premium service has been moved to the heart of the city, so that any passionate golfer can use it.안전놀이터

Fila Holdings Chairman Yoon Yoon-soo and other officials are holding an unveiling event for the ‘Titleist City Tour Van’. [Photo courtesy of Acushnet Korea]

It is a two-story detached building, with a total area of ​​300 pyeong. You can experience the warranty service of clubs and goods more comfortably and professionally. You can receive repairs on site and meet with experts to discuss the details and schedule of repairs. For this service, you can visit without reservation. Club fitting is also possible on the City Tour Van. From drivers to wedges, we have every head and a variety of shafts. A professional club fitter resides there to find the optimal spec composition.

In particular, you can check Scotty Cameron putters and experience 66 types of putters. We introduced a custom wedge service that can engrave initials and symbols like players’ wedges. You can make your own ball by engraving the phrase or logo you want. Anyone can experience the premium service provided to players and purchase it at once.

Titleist’s advanced and best service is provided to more golfers more conveniently and faster. For quality service, 100% reservation system is operated. Depending on the details, it is carried out for free or paid. Only warranty service is available without reservation. For more information on the City Tour Van and reservations, please visit the website.

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