‘Tied for fifth’ director Kim Sang-jun: “You don’t know until you go all the way”

Sungkyunkwan University climbed to fifth place.

Sungkyunkwan University won 70-60 against Kyung Hee University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Suseong Hall on Sungkyunkwan University’s Natural Science Campus on the 8th.

With the win, Sungkyunkwan improved to 6-6 on the season and moved into fifth place. It was a significant win for the team as the battle for playoff tickets continues to heat up.먹튀검증

Head coach Kim Sang-jun said, “We have two games left against Myeongji University and Hanyang University. Both teams are similar in style to Kyung Hee University, who we faced today. In the end, I think it will be important for both teams to play their own tempo. We have no answer if we are shaken by the opponent’s tempo,” he said about the race for the top spot.

Sungkyunkwan University is currently without Kang Sung-wook and Kim Yoon-sung, who have been called up to the national team.

“Sung-wook and Yoon-sung were the mainstays of the team even though they were freshmen, and their absence unexpectedly revealed that the seniors were more dependent on them,” said Kim. “The players who have to take their place are players who haven’t played much. Therefore, the organisation is not good right now.”

Once again, Sungkyunkwan University took the lead in the third quarter, using a strong press defence to force Kyung Hee University into mistakes.

However, Coach Kim was not very satisfied with the current organisation of the press defence.

“Compared to last year, this year’s press defence is unexpectedly poor,” he said. “In the frontcourt, last year’s defence was much better, and I think it’s because the first-year students are not as skilled in defence as the seniors.”

“The next two games are very important. It could come down to a goal difference or a winner-take-all situation. I don’t think we’ll know until the end,” he said, adding, “I think we’ll have to win all the remaining games.”

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