‘Things that are emphasized but not followed…’ Director Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q regrets

Hana 1 Q knelt again before the 4-win challenge.

Bucheon Hana 1Q lost 72-85 in the regular league home game against Incheon Shinhan Bank in Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 6th. Hana 1 Q became 3 wins and 21 losses.

In the second quarter, Hana 1 Q succeeded in an additional free throw following Ye-Rim Jeong’s jump shot and Anna Kim’s breakout goal to make the score 18-17, but allowed Shinhan Bank’s rim attack and 3-point shot in a row to regain the initiative. In response, Kim Ye-jin, Shin Ji-hyun, and Jeong Ye-rim successively succeeded in making three-point shots to narrow안전놀이터 the gap to two points (29-31), but could not turn it over.

In the second half, they chased the runaway Shinhan Bank, but in the third quarter, Kim Ji-young temporarily left the court due to a knee injury, and in the fourth quarter, Shin Ji-hyun was sent off for five fouls. Even in the rebound fight, it was pushed to 20-41.

Manager Kim Do-wan, who we met after the game, said, “As in the last game and this game, the difference in rebounding is more than double, so I want to know how to win. He stood up all-switch defense to avoid being hit by 3-pointers. (Kim) Even when Taeyeon came in, he decided to enter the trap by making all switches. It was eaten once. The center that comes out of the switch should come out strong and put pressure on it, but that part was weak, so it was easy to score. It was a regrettable part,” he looked back at the game.

Director Kim Do-wan continues to emphasize, but there are many things that are not followed. Regarding this, “The opponent is a team with a fast transition, so if my matchup comes late, I come down late accordingly. The opponent is crossing the half line, but there were many cases where the matchup opponent came late and crossed the half line late. I keep emphasizing that, but I don’t think I’m used to it yet. There were many things that I put off thinking that someone would catch the ball. A lot was lost after that,” he said.

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