“There is no time to rest, it is still exercise”… If you want to go to kt Wiz Park, overcome it, the day of the wizard corps is busy 

Just as much as the first-team players sweating in Arizona, the players who will lead kt’s future are dreaming in Iksan.

The kt Wiz first team, led by head coach Lee Kang-cheol, has been sweating heavily since setting up a spring camp in Arizona, USA since the 1st메이저놀이터. It will be held for 33 days until March 5th, and will arrive in Korea on the morning of March 8th on the way home on the afternoon of March 6th local time.

Not only in Arizona, USA, but also at the national baseball range located in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, kt players are sweating. Head coach Kim Ki-tae, who has taken the helm of kt Future Steam since the 2023 season, head coach Seo Yong-bin, and hitting coach Yuhan-joon, who has entered the path of a leader this time, are spending a hot winter with the players. Pitching coach Jeon Byeong-doo is currently helping first-team players train in Arizona, USA.

Manager Kim Ki-tae smiles as he confirms the potential of the players. The training facilities are as good as any club facility. It was true that it was poor even when I first came to Iksan, but in June 2021, with an indoor practice field and athlete accommodations, I was able to exercise in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

With the support of Iksan City, the main baseball field lighting tower (height and bright lighting that meets the standard) was also replaced, so night training is no problem.

Manager Kim Ki-tae, who met with reporters on the 6th, said, “It is good to see young players growing up. Now, as the future team coach, I have to prepare the players for kt’s good performance. I am having fun training. The 2023 season right now is unreasonable. Players here should watch the 2024 season. It should be the time to see the future for yourself.”

He continued, “There are no players who do well without practicing. He should not only dream to himself. Aren’t dreams meant when you sleep? You have to wake up to make your dreams come true. “If you keep dreaming, there will be no progress,” he said forcefully.

Coach Yuhan-Jun, who has been on the path of a leader since this season, throws batting balls to batters directly from the mound and observes each player’s batting stance. In addition, battery coach Fumihiro Suzuki corrected the posture of the young catchers one by one and focused on nurturing them. He gave strength to the players, such as “Okay, ok”, “You have to take one leg off”, “You just need to know that feeling”.

With training currently under way in a 4-day work-1 rest turn, the training intensity is higher than ever. With the amount and intensity of training to the extent that players stick out their tongues, kt players are adding strength to their skills.

Shin Bong-gi said, “The schedule itself is very tight. He bats without a break, and continues to exercise and move while waiting. After weight training, running, defense training in the morning, lunch, batting training, long tee training, and night training, there is no time to rest. That’s why the players struggle all day long,” he laughed.

Moon Sang-cheol also said, “The intensity of training has risen more than last week.”

Players are competing to go to the first team stage not only in Arizona, but also in Iksan. If you want to go to Suwon kt wiz park, you have to win this competition too.

Director Kim Ki-tae said, “The basics are the most important. It is important not to look at the form of superstars, but to see how they got there. It is not enough to imitate. You have to see how it grows. You must be able to create the problems in front of you yourself. There is no problem without an answer,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the first camp at Iksan Stadium until the 14th, the kt Futures team will move to the Hyundai Dream Ball Park in Gijang, Busan to conduct the second spring camp until March 15th.

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