There are no pretty boys… Im Sang-hyeop of ‘Iksu Ball Transplantation’, the reason why he was surprised in Seoul

“I think the player base is really good.”

FC Seoul’s first recruit in the transfer market this winter is Im Sang-hyeop (35), a ‘pretty boy’, who went through Jeonbuk Hyundai, Busan I-Park, Suwon Samsung, Jeju United, and Pohang Steelers, and is a veteran who recorded 82 goals and 27 assists in 368 league games.

Im Sang-hyeop has memories of being called up to the national team, but evaluations have always followed that his skills were overshadowed by his appearance. However, the clinical association did not care. He proved his worth with 19 goals and 6 assists in 72 games for two years in Pohang, which was heading to his mid-30s, and moved to the capital Seoul club.

The faces of the clinical consultations we met at the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ winter field training media camp held on the 22nd at the Gangdong branch of the HJ Convention Center in Seoul were still bright. He looked just like a handsome boy, his face untanned from training.

He couldn’t hide his exclamation, saying, “When I played against Seoul and Pohang, I couldn’t win well. I had a hard time. Once I came and tried it, I think the player base is really good.”

In addition to Lim Sang-hyup, existing players such as Na Sang-ho, Ji Dong-won, Ilyuchenko, and Kang Seong-jin are well established in the attack, and Hosam Iesh and Kim Kyung-min were recruited together. Considering the multi-player Ko Yo-yeon, Park Dong-jin메이저놀이터, and Kim Shin-jin, the competition for starting positions is more than fierce.

Depending on the combination and tactics, the number of side strikers may be reduced, and there is a possibility that a central striker may play alone, so it is unpredictable. Because he knows the epidemiological composition well, he is a clinical cooperative who has been alert and trained. He laughed, saying, “I was almost the first recruit. However, a lot of people came into my position.

This is the Sang-Hyeop, who had a relationship with director Ahn in Busan. He said, “It seems to have changed 180 degrees. In my childhood, I was strong and went in the direction I wanted rather than communicating. Now I try to communicate with the players and listen to their opinions a lot. The atmosphere at the training ground is also good.” He made a lot of chapters. He listened to the parts he wanted and I thought that he changed a lot while watching that,” emphasizing that the teacher’s change is innocent.

Still, it is difficult to understand ‘Iksuball’. He said, “I think the director orders a lot of things from me and yells at me a lot. It seems like he wants a lot, so I try to understand. They asked me if I was saying too much. But since I saw him when I was young, he seems to be saying things that I can say at my age.”

It is Im Sang-hyeop that gets passes from central midfielders such as Ki Sung-yong and Osmar, or crosses from side resources such as Lee Tae-seok and Kim Jin-ya. That means more chances to score goals. Lim Sang-hyeop said, “(Ki) Sung-yong is really good at long kicks and passing skills. He is a very good player, but I felt that he was better once more. I think I was more stimulated because I felt that he was doing a lot of self-management and effort not only in soccer but also in life.” He said that he opened his eyes to a new football.

Im Sang-hyeop, who stimulated fans with his appearance, but he said that he felt different after coming to Seoul. He said that he felt a big change in the environment on his way home from Incheon International Airport after going to training camp in Kagoshima, Japan. There are a lot of fans. I only have a few fans who liked me in the past,” showing the virtue of humility.

The remaining task is to break the two-team structure between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai. There is even an analysis that Seoul can defeat it sufficiently. He said with pride, “All of the players have skills comparable to Ulsan. However, there are many new players. I think it is important to quickly integrate into the team and become one as a team. I think the level of players is not inferior to the two clubs.” revealed

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