The ‘Supermoon’ that protected Anyang for 9 years is now in Suwon… “I will go with only good memories” 

“I think I will go with only good memories.”

‘Supermoon’ Seong-gon Moon, one of the biggest players in the 2023 KBL FA market, signed a contract with Suwon KT on the 17th for a total of 780 million won for a five-year contract period and left Anyang KGC to transfer.

Moon Seong-gon, who was once considered to be the new leader of KGC following Yang Hee-jong (retired). However, his professional world was sober and he had to wear a different uniform in this reality.

Seonggon Moon said in a phone interview with MK Sports, “It is a new challenge. I am both afraid and excited. Since I came to a new place, I am very motivated to work hard at kt. Of course, I am so sad to leave Anyang and also upset. Two emotions coexist,” he said.

Rumors about the possible transfer of Moon Seong-gon had already spread throughout the basketball world. Nevertheless, there were not a few reactions that the transfer would not be easy as his presence and influence within KGC were not small. As a result, he chose to leave, but the process was never easy.

Moon Seong-gon said, “I bought a house in Anyang before the playoffs started. He came up with the idea of ​​commuting comfortably. He thought that even then, of course he would stay (at KGC). To that extent, he wanted Anyang. Looking back, those parts come to me unfortunately.”

But he could not remain with affection alone. Moon Seong-gon eventually transferred to kt, which wanted more of himself. He said, “Should I say that the negotiation process and the reaction are the exact opposite. KT said that the reason I went all the way to Game 7 of the championship was my defense. He also told me that if it hadn’t been for (the defense), it would have ended quickly.”

Of course, it was regrettable to say goodbye to the dear KGC fans. Moon Seong-gon said, “I was really grateful for the love and support for 7 years (excluding the business period). I played basketball very happily. I think I will go with only good memories from Anyang.”

It was also not easy to talk to Yang Hee-jong, who chose him as his successor. Moon Seong-gon said, “(Yang) Hee-jong said, ‘I am very upset, my heart hurts. To be honest, I thought Hee-jong would cry on the phone, so I didn’t want to, but I still had to call my brother, so I held back.”

Moon Seong-gon in a new uniform, but he has to play at least 3 Anyang games in the 2023-24 season. How does he feel about the competition with his parents?먹튀검증

Moon Seong-gon said, “It was the same before Carrot, but when he paid more attention to something, he couldn’t play basketball well. When you play your first game in Anyang, they usually give you a bouquet of flowers. In fact, I wish you wouldn’t. It seems to be shaken emotionally. I feel so sad… . I just want to focus on the game. Instead, I want to receive a bouquet of flowers when I receive the championship ring,” he said cautiously.

It is Moon Seong-gon, who has now become the ‘kt man’. He expected a synergistic effect with Heo Hoon, who would soon return to the team, and Ha Yoon-ki, who became a KBL top-notch big man. Moon Seong-gon said, “I am so excited. As they are very good players, I think we can play fun basketball together.” In the end, to win, I believe that all players, of course, have to step up. I want to tell you everything I know, help, and get help.”

We also have new goals. Moon Seong-gon said, “As much as I have new motivation, I will run like a rookie. He wants to show that his performance improves every year so that he can become a better player next year than this year and the year after next year. I want to prove that ‘Moon Seong-gon’ can do well not necessarily at KGC, but at kt.”

Meanwhile, Seonggon Moon also left a message for kt fans who would welcome him. He said, “I believe you will welcome me (laughs). I would be very grateful if you could do that. I want to repay you with grades by working out as hard as you cheer for me and trust me.”

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