‘The rumors of an unimaginable transfer’… Kim Min-jae, pointed out as a Koulibaly replacement, Chelsea this time

Rumors of a transfer that could not have been imagined broke out.

This season, Kim Min-jae moved to Napoli. Napoli needed a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly, who was called the ‘King of Naples’ and showed off his unrivaled presence, and chose Kim Min-jae. Koulibaly went to Chelsea, and Kim Min-jae came to Napoli.

There were many concerns at the beginning of the season. There was also a prospect that Kim Min-jae would not be able to replace the King of Naples. However, Kim Min-jae showed off his best performance and emerged as the best defender in Serie A in a short period of time. Now Naples has no memory of Koulibaly. Kim Min-jae became the king of Napoli’s defense.

Numerous European clubs sent love calls to Kim Min-jae. Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. 먹튀검증

In this situation, transfer rumors that could not have been imagined broke out. Kim Min-jae came as a replacement for Koulibaly. But again, there was a report that Kim Min-jae could go as a substitute for Koulibaly.

This time it’s Chelsea. And with Naples, things are a little different. In Naples, Kim Min-jae filled the void left by Koulibaly, but at Chelsea, Kim Min-jae fills the sluggishness of Koulibaly. Koulibaly is sluggish at Chelsea, so they need a better center back, and that is Kim Min-jae.

England’s ‘Express’ said, “As Chelsea’s new manager, former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane could come. With Zidane, the world’s best players will gather at Chelsea. There are six players Chelsea are aiming to sign this summer. . One of them is Kim Min-jae”

The media continued, “Napoli recruited Kim Min-jae last summer to replace Koulibaly, who headed to Chelsea. With Koulibaly’s performance at Chelsea now being criticized, Chelsea are eyeing the Korean national team, which has grown into the best center back this season. can be turned,” he explained.

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