The last game of the tournament, the opponent once again Bayanhongor

The eventful journey of Korean Air has come to an end.

Korean Air will play a match for the 7th and 8th places of the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Men’s Club Volleyball Championship at Isa Sports City on the 21st local time. The opponent was Bayanhongor (Mongolia), who faced off in Group E of the upper round on the 19th.

Korean Air lost to Kuwait Sporting Club (Kuwait) and Bayanhongor lost to South Gas Sports Club (Iraq), heading to the 7th and 8th place matches, and eventually had a rematch in two days. This match is the last match Korean Air will play in this tournament. It’s a boring expression, but it is necessary to reap the beauty of the end. To do that, we need to thoroughly review the game on the 19th.

In the game on the 19th, Korean Air showed a good overall performance. Jeong Jin-hyeok started for the first time, and Son Hyun-jong started a new lineup with an apogee, but he won the victory without being greatly shaken. In particular, the performances of Jeong Han-yong and Jin Ji-wi stood out. Jeong Han-yong scored 18 points and led the team’s attack, while Jin Ji-wi caught 5 blocks and neutralized Bayanghongor’s strikers.

However, giving away the second set was the tee of jade. He had a difficult early set, struggling against the energetic attacks of left-hander Apogit Kangal Tamira, who also participated in the Asian Quarter tryouts. In addition, as the breathing between Jeong Jin-hyeok and the striker was shaken, the atmosphere quickly shifted to Bayanghongor, and Bayar Saihan burst into a quick attack and Korean Air gave up the second set. 

The reason Korean Air was able to play volleyball again from the 3rd set was because veteran Cho Jae-young, who replaced Kim Min-jae, comforted the players on the court and gave them a sense of stability. With the addition of Jin Ji-wi’s blocking and Jeong Han-yong’s good serve, Korean Air’s trend was revived in an instant.먹튀검증

Looking back on the game on the 19th, there are two main points to point out. One is that the reason why they gave up the second set was because they couldn’t stop Kangal, and the other is that the reason they regained their performance from the third set was because of Jaeyoung Cho’s invisible role. Therefore, in order to catch Bayanhongor more comfortably this time, it is essential to keep Kangal in check, and it is necessary to consider Cho Jae-young’s selection card.

Same left-handed apogee, but unlike Saber Kazemi (Iran, Kuwait Sporting Club), who destroyed Korean Air, Kangal is not a tall player (190cm, Kazemi 205cm). His technique is also inferior to Kazemi’s. He is a player who can block enough if he catches the blocking timing and position as prepared in advance.

In the case of Cho Jae-young’s selection card, it may or may not come out depending on how important coach Tommy Tilikhaiinen thinks the win or loss of this game is. First of all, after the defeat against Kuwait Sporting, head coach Tillikainen said, “I plan to start a new lineup in the game tomorrow (21st).”

This is really the last match. The most important thing is that the players play a game that leaves no regrets. I hope all members of Korean Air can leave the court with a smile after the game.

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