The Heaven Island Resort, nominated for ‘Best Golf Resort in Asia’

The Heaven Island Resort (Chairman Moses Kwon) is preparing for the peak season in the best condition thanks to the certification of ‘Asia’s Best Golf Resort’. Located on Daebu Island in Ansan City, the closest sea to Seoul, with the slogan of ‘Staying on Value’, this place was named in the US Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards, which selects golf resorts by continent. The awards, which are being held for the 8th time this year, will be able to know the results in September.

The Heaven Island Resort, where you can see both the sea and the golf course along Daebudo Island Country Club, has six 11-story buildings located on the hill in the center of the course. A place where the various aspects of the West Sea that change every moment and the setting sun fills the heart. There are a total of 228 rooms with a view of all of these, and they are composed of four types: Super Penthouse (200 pyeong), Penthouse (150 pyeong), Royal Suite (70 pyeong) and Suite (60 pyeong).

Amenities create a private atmosphere. A 7-star level complex residence facility was applied so that lifestyles can be respected and high-density relaxation can be enjoyed, and B&A INC. Bae Dae-yong, who is famous for building interiors such as Hannam Nineone and Lotte Tower Signiel, participated as the general manager of the interior, attracting attention. . He was also in charge of meticulous design that encompasses the functional and emotional aspects of lighting at Jason Gill Welllight.

Also, the strength of The Heaven Island Resort is the application of strong wind and seismic design. An official explained that it is located next to the coastline of the West Sea and is immune to super strong winds blowing at 80m per second and earthquakes with a magnitude of 9.0. Chairman Kwon Moses of The Heaven Island Resort said, “It is an honor and gratitude to be selected as the Best Golf Resort in Asia. Through this selection, the pride of ‘The Heaven Island Resort’, the blessed natural environment, near-perfect hardware and high-end services aiming for high-end quality will be announced. As it received a comprehensive evaluation from experts, we will do our best to provide a true ‘luxury’ experience to all visitors as a representative golf resort in Asia beyond Korea.”스포츠토토

Meanwhile, it is reported that the ‘The Heaven Island Resort’ residence, which is known to be owned by the National Cultural Foundation, Poongsan Group, Sartorius Korea, SK Hynix, and NHN, has already been sold out.

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