“The first mistake was the referee,” but another “miscarriage”… However, director Lee Seung-yeop did not ‘blame’ 

“It’s our fault for not playing until the end.”

The Doosan Bears recorded their first defeat in July with a 2-7 score in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home match against the Lotte Giants in the 10th game of the season held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th.

Doosan started off against Lotte at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan on the 1st, and ran a streak of victories until the match against Lotte in Jamsil on the 26th. Doosan showed a performance that they did not think they would lose, setting a new record for the club’s most consecutive wins, and manager Lee Seung-yeop also set the record for the most consecutive wins in a season in which he was appointed manager in the KBO, standing shoulder to shoulder with former Lotte manager Jerry Royster.바카라사이트

As a result, Doosan’s streak was put on hold by the defeat the previous day (26th), but the end taste was not clear. It was because of ‘Osim’. At the end of the ninth inning, where Doosan trailed by 2-7, Jo Soo-haeng, the leading hitter, held out a bat to the 130km breakout ball after a tenacious fight with Lotte Han Hyun-hee, who went as far as 8 pitches. Jo Soo-haeng made a miss, but when Lotte catcher Yu Gang-nam missed the ball, he took action to run for first base. At this point, the referee declared a ‘foul’.

The referee immediately conducted a video review, and as a result of looking at the slow picture, it was confirmed that the ball thrown by Han Hyun-hee did not touch Jo Soo-haeng’s bat. In other words, if Jo Sang-tae sprinted to first base through a strike-knock-out, he would have had the last chance. However, after hearing the referee’s ‘foul’ call, Jo Su-haeng stopped, and after a video review, he struck out on a swing and withdrew.

After the video review, the referee announced a strikeout against Jo Soo-haeng, and coach Lee Seung-yeop kicked out the dugout. This is why Jo Soo-haeng could have reached base if the referee hadn’t called a foul. However, he could not overcome the results of the video review, and coach Lee Seung-yeop, who had a long conversation with the referee, returned to the dugout with regret. As there is a famous saying, ‘Baseball is not over until it is over’, it was unfair from the viewpoint of manager Lee Seung-yeop and Doosan.

Prior to the game on the 27th, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I agree with the results of the video review of the miss swing. But when we saw it, (Cho) Su-haeng was about to run, but the referee called a foul and stopped, so I went out to check it out.”

It was a situation with great regret, but coach Lee Seung-yeop paid attention to the fact that he did not play until the end. He said, “We made a mistake. Even if the referee calls (foul), it is basic to play until the end. Kang-Nam Yoo, despite declaring a foul, played to the end with his feelings. We threw out an out count.”

The referee’s decision is important, but he emphasized that it is important to play to the end in any situation. The command tower said, “This is a play that should not come out next time. You have to play until the end.” was the referee, but it was out because there was a video review and our players didn’t play to the end.”

On this day, Doosan makes a big change to its lineup. Heo Kyung-min (3rd baseman) – Jung Soo-bin (center fielder) – Yang Seok-hwan (1st baseman) – Yang Eui-ji (catcher) – Kang Seung-ho (2nd baseman) – Kim Jae-ho (shortstop) – Jose Rojas (left fielder) – Jang Seung-hyeon (catcher) – Kim Tae-geun (right fielder) formed a lineup leading to If there is something special, it is Kim Jae-hwan’s absence.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “Kim Jae-hwan had a bad cold from yesterday, so he went to the game even though he was not feeling well. But today he had no choice but to drop out because he couldn’t even train. I hope I don’t go for a few days,” he added.

[Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is appealing to the referee about Jo Su-haeng’s catcher strike knockout at the end of the 9th inning against Lotte in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 26th.

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