The first half passed, the 8 homers disappeared… Han Dong-hee’s ‘Nth resurrection’, will it lead to a real reversal?

Now, the first half is almost over. Lotte, which was aiming for the top spot, is now in a precarious situation even with a 50% win rate. A line that still doesn’t explode coolly. At the apex of regret is definitely ‘Post Lee Dae-ho’ Han Dong-hee.체스카지노

On the 6th, Han Dong-hee fired a cool solo gun at Daejeon Hanhwa. Season 3 gun. It was a cool home run that hit 77 days after the KIA game on April 20, about 3 months. In the meantime, there were regrets such as the home run hit ball failing to pass the ‘resignation monster’ and the hit ball getting caught in the rain of the fielders. There were days when I even laughed at myself, saying, “It doesn’t work out.”

However, this year’s Han Dong-hee is disappointing in terms of absolute results. In 60 games, the batting average is 2.29 li (48 hits in 210 at-bats), 3 homers, 25 RBIs, and an OPS of .597. His momentum, which has been steadily rising over the past three years and won the MVP in April last year, has dropped sharply this year. He dreamed of a “giant step” to become a 30-home run hitter by strengthening his lower body and changing his batting form to add rotational force to the batted ball, but the result ended in failure. Coach Park Heung-shik, who led the change in batting form, also blames himself for Han Dong-hee’s sluggishness and wandering.

In the end, Han Dong-hee has to overcome it on his own. But he’s still at a loss. We should hope that the home run in the game on the 6th will lead to a real turnaround. There was no reason for a reversal. But then it was only for a moment. The word “resurrection” was colorless and steady performance was not continued.

Director Larry Sutton says whenever Han Dong-hee’s story comes up, don’t make it complicated. Director Sutton said, “Simplifying your thinking is very important. This applies not only to Han Dong-hee, but also to other athletes whose cycles have fallen. When a long hit does not come out, it is very important to think simply,” he said. About that part, he also talks a lot with Han Dong-hee. When he consistently hits hard balls, he doesn’t miss the ball he’s aiming for when it enters the zone. The solution is to simply take the swing, and at some point, the feeling of hitting will surely rise. He explained that the recent steady strong hitting is a sign of a rebound.”

What we expect from Han Dong-hee is 30 homers rather than a 30% batting average. The record of 17 home runs in a season was still far from expected. It is currently a situation where he is heading towards the goal of 30 homers, but is caught in the goal. It is Director Sutton’s wish to shake off that burden now. “Baseball is for people,” he said. At the beginning of the season, we start by setting goals such as expectations and projections. Expecting that a player will hit 30 homers and setting goals can be positively motivating, but negatively, it can be a factor that can put pressure on oneself.”

Last year, Han Dong-hee hit 7 homers in April alone, and after that, he missed due to injury. Although his pace fell a bit, he still hit 11 homers in the first half alone. He’s three home runs this year as the first half comes to an end. The 8 missing homers is a record that proves that Han Dong-hee’s wandering time this year was long. As Han Dong-hee’s long hitting power disappeared, Lotte is currently at the bottom of the team with 31 home runs. Even writing the word resurrection is now a cautious situation. Can the third home run be a signal of a true reversal for Han Dong-hee?

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