The final stage in the current member system is the championship match? A volleyball genius ahead of FA “It can change, but there is no time to care”

“I have no time to worry about it now.”

Korea Expressway Corporation, led by coach Kim Jong-min, won the set score 3-1 in the third game of the 2022-23 V-League Women’s Championship Match (5 out of 3) with Heungkuk Life Insurance held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 2nd.

It’s a knight’s resurrection. The Korea Expressway Corporation, which collapsed powerlessly in the first and second games and was in danger with two consecutive losses, smiled as it brought a valuable victory at home that day.

On this day, Seungri had Bae Yoo-na. In the 1st and 2nd games, Yoo-na Bae was not in good shape. After the first round, she went to the ER and got her intravenous drip.

On this day, she also dominated the center with 16 points, including 4 blocks by Yuna Bae.

After the game, Bae Yoo-na said, “I thought that our team’s strengths would come out if we followed one by one. Our team is good at blocking. So I think it was the cause that allowed her to bring sets 2, 3 and 4,” she said.

As always, on this day, opponent Kim Yeon-kyung played a big role. He posted 22 points, including one serve. He led Heungkuk Life Insurance by scoring 21 points only with offense.메이저놀이터

Bae Yoo-na said, “Originally, I tried to block straight lines, but he told me to defend against long hits. Her idea was to block long strikes even if she gave straight attacks,” she said.

Bae Yoo-na is eligible for a free agent (FA) at the end of this season. Not only Bae Yoo-na, but also Park Jung-ah, Jeong Dae-young, Jeon Sae-yan, and Moon Jeong-won. As for the road construction, five key players will be released at the end of this season. Given the salary cap and the realistic situation, it may be impossible to catch them all. So, maybe this championship match could be the last one as a current member.

However, Park Jung-ah said, “I don’t have time to worry about that. Of course, I think it could change next season, but I think I’m the last member right now and I don’t have time to play.”

Now it’s a physical battle. Unlike Heungkuk Life Insurance, it is a road construction that has been through playoffs. Also, as many veteran players are, it is true that they are inferior in terms of physical strength.

However, Bae Yoo-na said, “It is the same that each other is having a hard time. The next game will also be a physical fight,” he said. “After two consecutive losses, we won one win. Rather than going to Incheon by winning unconditionally, I think that if I accumulate points one by one, good results will come and I will go to Incheon.”

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