The beautiful July of Benjamin, a foreign pitcher who reads ‘Soy Sauce Factory Manager’

Professional baseball KT, which was in the lower ranks at the beginning of the season, rose to fourth place thanks to the strength of mounds such as starting pitcher Benjamin, who won four matches last month.스포츠토토

Benjamin is said to be able to read all Korean, not only his skills, but also his love of Korea.

From the bottom in early June to the 4th, KT made a great counterattack with a record of 13 wins and 6 losses in July, with the starting pitching staff at the center.

Two pitchers, Koh Young-pyo and Benjamin, were nominated for MVP in July, and Benjamin, who recorded an average ERA of 1.67 in all 4 victories in July, was particularly dazzling.

Benjamin came as a substitute foreign player last year, but he has already perfectly integrated into the team. His driving force is that he studied Korean to the extent that he is fluent in Korean greetings.

[Benjamin/KT : “Hello, Byeongho-hyung~”]

They say I can read all Korean, but I tested it myself.

[Benjamin/KT: “I love you coach. Soy sauce factory manager. I’m still learning.”]

[Benjamin/KT: “I want to do things in Korean, such as going to a cafe and ordering, and I want to communicate with my teammates. I will continue to study Korean and it will get better.”]

Benjamin also respects Korean culture.

He bows his head in a sincere apology after typing, and in May, he donated to a child welfare facility in his hometown, Suwon.

[Benjamin/KT : “The Koreans approached me first and showed me respect and love. I was really grateful and I was looking for a way to reciprocate.

” Of course, they are giving joy to their fans outside as well.

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