The 21st Gyeonggi Marathon Competition

▲”Let’s create a safe and healthy workplace together”
○…The publicity activities of the safety culture practice promotion group also draw attention. The Gyeonggi branch office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Gyeonggi regional headquarters of the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency each participated in the promotion of the safety culture practice promotion group. A banner reading ‘Safe and Healthy Workplace, Happy Korea’ caught the attention of the participants. They wore vests with the slogan, “Safety Team Together,” and did not stop promoting during the marathon. Seong Yoon-hee, head of the safety culture team at the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, said, “I will actively promote the creation of a safe workplace created by labor and management. I will not stop promoting.”

▲ “We are responsible for traffic control and civil safety!”
○…208 traffic police officers and 185 exemplary drivers, including two companies supported by the Gyeonggi Southern Office, took control of traffic for the smooth running of the Gyeonggi Marathon. In order to secure the safety of participants and minimize traffic inconvenience to citizens, they devoted their efforts to traffic safety from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Choi Yeong-shin, head of traffic safety at the Gyeonggi Nambu Office, said, “In order to prioritize the safety of citizens, we cooperated with the four local police stations to control traffic. We will do our best to ensure that the athletes can complete the race safely.”

▲ Kunhyup Gyeonggi Branch “Check your physical condition!”
○…The Gyeonggi branch of Kunhyup, which was the first to set up a booth at the event and welcomed the marathoners, became a popular booth at the event by providing an anemia test service that measures hemoglobin without drawing blood. Health souvenirs such as stretching bands and interdental brushes are delivered to inspectors through a lottery. The Kunhyup Gyeonggi Branch participated in the Gyeonggi Marathon last year, and updated the outdated equipment to expand better service.

▲Miss Mineral Healthcare, enthusiastic about health management
○…Miss Mineral Healthcare, a health functional food company, received positive responses from sports enthusiasts as it focused on health care of runners at the Gyeonggi Marathon, where it first participated as a booth operator. Since this spring, he has been attending marathon events across the country to prevent injuries to marathon runners. Marathon runners met at the site checked each other’s physical condition while consuming products or applying cream. In particular, the company took active steps such as applying cream to runners suffering from muscle cramps after running more than half a course to provide an experience of relieving symptoms through the effect of a steam bath, and explaining health-related common sense to marathon runners.

Lim Ho-yeon, the oldest participant in the Gyeonggi Marathon ○…Ms. Mr. Lim visited Suwon Sports Complex this year without fail because he participated in the 1st Gyeonggi Marathon.

Lim, a veteran of the Korean War, said that he thinks of his friends who have passed away and runs constantly to stay healthy in the future. Mr. Lim, who completed the 10km run that day, said, “I run without stopping, remembering the difficult memories during the war.” He will continue to run marathons as long as his health permits.”

▲Japanese people from Asahikawa City who visited Suwon
○…A middle-aged man and woman were caught looking around curiously while relaxing quietly in the crowd of Suwon Sports Complex. They are Shibuya Akira (44) and Kanemisu Sayo (47, female) who came from Asahikawa, the first sister city of Suwon Special City. Although both of them participated in the Gyeonggi Marathon for the first time, they confidently challenged the full course. Akira placed 9th in the men’s division (2 hours 50 minutes 34 seconds) and Sayo placed 7th (3 hours 52 minutes 36 seconds). Mr. Akira said, “The course was a bit difficult, but it was good to play in Suwon, his sister city.” Sayo said, “It was my third full course challenge in my entire life, and I had a valuable experience in this tournament. He revealed that he really wants to participate in the Gyeonggi Marathon next year.”

▲ ‘Taedongi’, who looks exactly like Taegeukgi, goes out
○…The character ‘Taedongi’, made in the image of Taegeukgi, appears at Suwon Sports Complex and attracts everyone’s attention. Taedongi is a character designed by TD&I, a doll manufacturing company, to be shared with children. On this day, TD&I visited the venue to spread the importance of the character that informs Korea’s identity with as many citizens as possible at an event with a large number of people, such as the Gyeonggi Marathon.

On this day, Wonho Noh, director of TD&I, made the atmosphere lively by wearing a doll mask and taking commemorative photos with the children and sports club members around the opening ceremony and when the atmosphere heats up just before the start of each course. On this day, Director Roh did not stay only in the operating booth, but also became the target of attention while walking around.

▲ ‘Pierro Mister’ appeared at the marathon stadium
○…A man dressed in colorful clothes stood out among the crowd at the Suwon Sports Complex where the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon was held.
The main character is Lee Young-gil (59) from Ansan. Wearing everything from a clown costume to a wig, he gave a smile to not only the players but also the citizens who visited the place with odd poses and facial expressions. He participated as a ‘player’ in the Gyeonggi Marathon every year, and appeared as a ‘laughter hunter’ this year. Mr. Lee said, “I want all the players participating in the game to run with a smile,” and “everyone who ran into me, please watch your belly button,” revealing the face of a laugh hunter. 

▲“Dad, don’t get hurt and run!”… A 14-month-old baby came to support his dad running a marathon
○… A cute 14-month-old baby boy appeared at the Gyeonggi Marathon site. The 14-month-old baby, who came to the site that day to cheer on his father who is participating in the race with his company colleagues, ran brightly along with his mother, as if he wanted to follow his father in the marathon. Dad Jeong Jeong-rae (40, Dongsak-dong, Pyeongtaek-si), who challenged the 10km course that day, said, “I have been consistently participating in marathons every year, but I haven’t been able to run for a while because of the corona. It’s good that he’s playing again like this, and with the support of his family, I think he’ll be able to run with more strength.”

▲Rotc seniors and juniors who met after a long time and became one
○…The ‘Korea ROTC Marathon Club’ consists of various age groups from 30s to 70s. The club, which celebrated its 21st year this year, participates in the Gyeonggi Marathon every year. The average age is in the late 50s, but most of them show off their old age by challenging the half or full course. Ki-cheol Lee (56), president of the Korea ROTC Marathon Club, said, “It is meaningful because it is a place where seniors and juniors are together. I wish everyone good health and I will complete the race.”

▲”The 223rd full course”… ‘Pacemaker’, a lighthouse for beginner marathoners
○… Pacemaker Yoon Dong-gi (65, Baekhoe Marathon Club), who participated in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon, is in charge of adjusting the speed of marathoners based on his experience of completing the full course more than 200 times. Pacemakers attached balloons with target time zones written on their clothes for each course. On this day, Mr. Yoon served as a beacon for novice marathoners aiming to complete the full course in 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Mr. Yoon, who took part as a pacemaker out of pride in helping others, said, “I want to reassure beginners who would be nervous with the thought, ‘Can I finish the race?

▲ GS Gyeongsu Youth Sports Club ‘Kyungsoo Queens’… “Guys, mom will work hard too!”
○…Six members of the amateur soccer team ‘Kyungsoo Queens’ belonging to GS Gyeongsoo Youth Sports Club participated in the marathon. Founded in October of last year, the Kyungsoo Queens team consists of 8 mothers who live in Jangan-gu and raise children who are active in a youth soccer club. In their busy lives, every Friday, they set aside time to practice soccer.

Participation in this marathon was joined by the members along with Kim Kyung-ah (41), who usually likes marathons, with the goal of strengthening solidarity and solidarity. This is the first time I have played a team sport other than soccer. Member Lee Sun-hwa (39) said, “Next month, I plan to go hiking with this member.”

▲ Roulette giveaway event appearance… ‘Will I win too?’ Due to crowds
○…At the revolving roulette booth operated by sportswear brand Wavewear, you can receive sports prizes, etc. The booth is full of people. Wavewear operates a booth to expand exchanges with athletes such as marathon clubs and sports clubs. About 80 people of all ages gathered in front of the booth. An official from the company said, “It was regrettable that I couldn’t participate in last year’s competition, but in this year’s competition, there were more people, so the prizes prepared were quickly sold out.
” I will participate in the marathon,” he said, “I will wear the calf guard that my son won and exercise well.” His son, Heo Kang-joon (9), also smiled brightly, saying, “My dad says he works hard to lose weight, and it’s good that he can be of help.”

▲The record holder for the full marathon course Sub-3…’Catching attention’ by completing 200 times
○…There is a person who has completed 200 full marathon courses and caught the attention of the participants. The main character is Lee Jun-jae (58, Daejo-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul), who has 18 years of marathon experience this year. Starting with a local marathon club, he has won numerous championships. He also boasted of his career by finishing 4th in the full course at the ‘Gyeonggi Marathon Competition’ held last year.

In particular, this competition is meaningful as it commemorates the completion of the 200th. Mr. Lee said, “I am very happy to be able to commemorate the 200th completion of the Gyeonggi Marathon representing Gyeonggi-do and Korea.” I hope many people can enjoy the joy of completing a marathon.”

▲ Park Joon-young, a lawyer specializing in ‘retrial’, also participated
○… Attorney Park Joon-young (50), famous for his work on the Hwaseong serial murder case and other ‘retrial lawyers’, took part in the contest along with his colleagues from the Gyeonggi Central District Bar Association. He said that he is now affiliated with Seoul, but Park’s career as a lawyer started in Gyeonggi-do. He is still continuing his relationship with the colleagues he met then. He said that he had participated in half and full courses even during his days at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Attorney Park smiled and said, “I feel energetic and vitality when I see people of all ages running together.”

▲ At the Gyeonggi Marathon venue… Those who advertise ‘opportunity game viewing rights’ are ‘enthusiastic’
○…Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Association’s Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Association’s ‘opportunity viewing ticket’ project was implemented in March this year. The purpose of the ‘opportunity game viewing ticket’ is to reduce the sports underprivileged by allowing the elderly over 70 years of age and the disabled in the province to enjoy professional sports such as soccer at a 75% discount.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Association continues its efforts by going to large-scale events held throughout the province and setting up booths. Actively publicize the business to the elders they meet on site. We plan to actively publicize the project at the site of the 69th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival scheduled to be held in Seongnam in May.

▲Complete the first marathon in my life… Gyeonggi Marathon ‘3 years old’ Youngest participant Lee Do-yeon
○… Doyeon Lee (36 months), the youngest participant in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon, crosses the finish line hand in hand with her parents. Mother Baek Bo-ram (38) and father Lee Jong-gil (41), who have participated in the marathon since they were lovers, said, “I have not been able to participate in the marathon because I was raising my children, but after 36 months with Do-yeon, we decided to run the marathon together. “The Gyeonggi Marathon was in a festive mood, so Doyeon finished it happily,” she said with a smile. 

■ Club with the most participants

▲ A meaningful time for teachers and students… “Another festival, the Gyeonggi Marathon”
“The Gyeonggi Marathon is a festival that bonds students and teachers together.” In the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon Competition, a large group of high school students from the Suwon area took part. The Samil Technical High School booth, where students started gathering in groups of threes and threes from 8:00 am, was filled with laughter from students. Students checked each other’s physical condition or posted their ship numbers.

Samil Technical High School, which has been attending the 1st Gyeonggi Marathon without missing a single one, attended this event with 175 faculty members and students. In particular, at this year’s Samil Technical High School, Jang Shin-kwon, a physical education teacher who participated in the men’s track and field team at the 2012 London Olympics, ran a 10km course as a pacemaker for the students. The students selected the 10km and 5km courses according to their athletic abilities, and all participants passed the finish line without a single dropout.

Kim Dong-soo, principal of Samil Technical High School, who challenged the 10km course this year, said, “After participating in the Gyeonggi Marathon every year, I feel like I have become even more close with the students and faculty.” I want it to be made,” he said.

In addition, Samil High School, which changed its school name this year, held a race together with 30 students from the 2nd and 3rd year of the Tax Accounting Department and 7 officials from the tax corporation ‘Youth’, a company affiliated with the Tax Accounting Department. The apprenticeship school is an employment support program that increases the employment rate of students by receiving on-the-job training alternately between companies and schools. Kim Soon-hyo, head of tax accounting at Samil High School, said, “I participated in this competition with the hope that students will learn perseverance and challenging spirit based on the experience of completing a marathon.” It is meaningful to attend together,” he said.

▲“Thanks to my family, friends, and Suwon Marathon Club”… Jeong Jin-woo, who completed the 300th full course,
“From the first to the 300th, there was no tournament that was not memorable.” Jeong Jin-woo (76, Dongcheon-dong, Suji-gu, Yongin-si), who completed the full marathon in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon, smiled at the finish line after achieving the ‘great feat’ of completing the 300th. He crossed the finish line in 4 hours 33 minutes 3 seconds. Although he could dismiss it as his own achievement, he gave credit to his family, friends, and members of the Suwon Marathon Club. 카지노사이트

“The marathon is never a solo sport. It would not be wrong to say that I have achieved this result with the help of people around me.” His love for marathons dates back more than 20 years. At the time, his health deteriorated rapidly as he fell into alcohol and cigarettes due to the stress of work life. Desperate to get his health back, he started running. Then he met the Suwon Marathon Club, and in October 2001, he entered the marathon world by participating in the Chuncheon Marathon for the first time. Since 2010, I have developed my passion for marathons by participating in competitions twice a month.

He cited setting his 2010 personal best (3 hours and 16 minutes) as his most memorable moment. He said that at the time he played the half every day, and that the teammates he played with at that time were memorable. Jung’s dream is currently in progress. Because he won’t stop running marathons as long as his body allows. Mr. Jeong said, “When you run a marathon, you taste the feeling of reaching a state of trance. He probably won’t stop running marathons until he dies.”

Jae-Won Yoon, ‘the main character of the car prize’
○…Jae-Won Yoon (33, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si), who won the 1st prize in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon prize lottery, Kia Motors’ ‘Morning’ car, said, “I dreamed that this kind of luck would come to me. I didn’t know, and I’m so happy that I’m out of my mind. The morning I received will be given to my parents as a gift.” After participating in the 10km course, he checked his number several times as he thought he hadn’t heard it correctly when the winning number ‘6813’ was called while warming up. The moment he recognized that the number was correct, he started running to headquarters. Having participated in the fourth marathon, he smiled, saying that he would finish the race with a happy and happy heart due to unexpected luck, and that he would continue to participate in the future.

Ahn Seong-je, ‘lucky to win the wooden table’
○…Ahn Seong-je (43, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si), who won the Daeyang Timber ‘luxury wooden table’ worth 5 million won in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon prize lottery, said, “I had no luck winning the prize at all. I didn’t expect it, but the moment I heard ‘5674’, I was dumbfounded and with a happy heart, I ran hard from the other side of the headquarters seat.” He decided to run 10km to commemorate his recovery after not feeling well for a while. He even won a prize and said it would be an unforgettable day. I remember that his wife wanted to buy a wooden table from a few days ago, and he laughed, saying that he was happy to present it to his wife on her birthday on the 28th of this month.

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