That’s the ‘super long hitter’ in the room … 29 catches of 280 yards or more, with a long of 320 yards.

Having become a women’s golf ‘superstar’ after just five tournaments, Bang Shin-sil (19)’s absolute weapon is her long game. You’ll be wondering how far she can hit it, having added 20 yards to her game through winter training last winter. We looked at his tee shots in four stroke play events, excluding the Doosan Match Play Championship, which was played in match play, and found some interesting facts.

From the fourth round of the Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship to the second round of the Gyochon 1991 Ladies Open, the third round of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, and the third round of the E1 Charity Open, Bang teed off on 168 holes, excluding par-3s, in 12 rounds. There are quite a few holes where the long hitter doesn’t need to hold her driver.토토사이트

Bangsinsil, who currently leads the longest-hitting list with an average of 259.63 yards, has hit a whopping 64 of his 168 tee shots 270 yards or longer. Of those, he’s gone 280 yards or longer 39 times, 290 yards or longer 19 times and 300 yards or longer four times.

His longest shot came on the 13th (par-4) in the fourth round of the Krisp&C 45th KLPGA Championship on his rookie debut, when his tee shot travelled a whopping 320.1 yards. His longest shot left him just 86.2 yards to the pin, but unfortunately, he had to settle for par.

Bangsinsil, who leads the field in eagles, has three eagles, two of which came from tee shots over 280 yards. The other eagle, however, came from less than 250 yards off the tee.

In her only missed cut, at the ninth (par-5) in the second round of the Gyochon 1991 Ladies Open, she hit her tee shot 247.7 yards, then left 236.9 yards for an eagle with her second shot to six metres.

Bang’s longest drive came at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship at Suwon CC, where she recorded 26 drives of 270 yards or longer, 18 of 280 yards or longer, six of 290 yards or longer and one of 300 yards or longer in the three-round event. In the four-round Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, she hit 21 shots over 270 yards.

The Gyochon 1991 Ladies Open, which was shortened to two rounds due to inclement weather, is not a tournament Bang would like to remember.

She hit just one shot over 270 yards on the first day of the tournament, a whopping 77 that left her in the bottom half of the field. The second day was no better, with only four shots over 270 yards, and she shot a 74 to finish tied for 87th and miss the cut.

Besides the first day of the Gyochon 1991 Ladies Open, Bang has only had one other round over 270 yards.

That was the final three rounds of the E1 Charity Open, which gave her her first career victory.

Having suffered from inexperience in the previous two championships, Bang saved her longest shots for the third time in her career. He didn’t want to suffer the “double disappointment” of coming close to winning and then falling short at the last.

Birdies didn’t come easily for Bang, but he was in no hurry. Not a single tee shot went more than 270 yards until the 15th hole.

But on the hole of opportunity, he drew his trump card. On the 16th, a downhill dogleg par-5 that he had birdied in both rounds, he hit a long shot of 292.2 yards, then hit his second shot with a hybrid near the green for a 50cm tap-in birdie.

The birdie, his only shot of the day over 270 yards, proved crucial to his victory. It was the crowning glory of a total of 64 shots of 270 yards or more.

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