“Ten Hagh, stop whining!”… Blamed Liverpool star, why?

Liverpool star and midfielder Danny Murphy, who has also played for Tottenham, ‘slammed’ Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag.

For what reason was he angry? 메이저놀이터

It’s because of Christian Eriksen’s injury. On the 29th, Manchester United defeated Reading 3-1 in the FA Cup Round of 32. However, the joy of victory was short-lived as news of Eriksen’s long-term injury spread.

Eriksen suffered an ankle injury following a murderous tackle by Reading’s Andy Carroll. Eriksen will not be able to play on the ground until at least April and at most May.

As a result, the coach of the team and the teacher, coach Ten Hagh, can of course express uncomfortable feelings. But for Murphy, this was dissatisfaction. The logic is that you are overreacting to what can happen during a game.

He told Britain’s ‘TalkSport’, “Stop whining Ten Hagh. It just sounds like whining. More harsh things could happen in the future.”

“You’re in the Premier League right now. We’re in a world where players are more protected than ever before,” Murphy said. It’s not a word, it’s just that the protection of players is better in this day and age.”

Finally, he said: “(Eriksen’s injury) is just a part and result of football, so I don’t know why you’re whining about it. You work for Manchester United.

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