Spain Prosecutor’s Office Begins Preliminary Investigation of Football Association President over Forced Kissing Controversy

The prosecution’s investigation into the ‘forced kiss controversy’ has begun against Luis Rubiales (46), president of the Spanish Football Association.스포츠토토

According to the AFP news agency on the 28th (Korean time), prosecutors at Spain’s highest criminal court said in a statement that they “believed that Rubiales’ actions could amount to a sex offense and launched a preliminary investigation.”

Recently, Chairman Rubiales has brought criticism upon himself.

He grabbed the face of Henifer Hermoso (33, Spain), who won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which ended on the 20th, and kissed the ball on the podium.

Hermoso went back to the locker room and expressed her displeasure, saying she was “not in a good mood.”

As the news spread through the media in an instant, criticism arose that President Rubiales’ behavior was physical contact equivalent to sexual harassment.

As the controversy intensified, President Rubiales admitted on the 21st that he had committed atrocities. He said, “My actions were wrong. Admit your mistake. I should have been more careful,” he bowed his head. Even so, he insisted on seeking informed consent and kissing them.

Criticism has not calmed down. Even Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came forward and said, “An apology is not enough. Spanish football has been humiliated,” said an official statement, and the Spanish women’s soccer league also called for his resignation, saying, “President Rubiales has tarnished the World Cup championship.” 

On the 24th, the labor union Footpro, which Hermoso joined, made a statement and said, “I have never agreed to a kiss. We will make sure that such behavior is punished,” he said.

Hermoso also reiterated his position on his social media account, saying, “There should be no victims of this kind of behavior without consent in any workplace.”

However, the Spanish Football Association revealed its position that it would rather sue Eromos. In an official statement on the 26th, it said, “We will take all necessary legal measures to protect the honor of President Rubiales.”

“Eromos said he ‘didn’t agree’ (about the kiss), but we have clear evidence. President Rubiales did not lie. The association will reveal the truth about the lies that are spreading one by one.” It was emphasized that prior consent had been obtained.

In addition, he explained, “81 players of the Spanish women’s national team said they would not play for the national team until President Rubiales resigned, but if they are selected for the national team, it is ‘obligatory’ to play.”

Along with the statement, the Spanish Football Association attached four photos of Hermoso hugging President Rubiales on the podium. He analyzed that “Hermoso was giving strength (on his own) to lift President Rubiales’ feet off the ground.”

In the midst of this, on the 27th, FIFA issued a 90-day suspension of duties to President Rubiales. 

According to British media ‘The Sun’ on the 28th, Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejart, went on a hunger strike saying, “I demand the truth.” 

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