Sky72 proposes transfer of business to Incheon International Airport Corporation under the condition of guaranteeing goodwill of the lessee

Incheon Yeongjongdo Sky72 Golf Course, whose Bada course business was suspended due to the court’s enforcement, proposed the transfer of business to Incheon International Airport Corporation, requesting guarantees for the same conditions for three years from rental operators, subcontractors, and caddies.

Sky72 will transfer its business to a successor operator and actively cooperate with the process of succession to the status of the sports facility business, provided that the legal status of workers such as leaseholders, subcontractors, caddies메이저놀이터, and employees of the golf course is guaranteed under the same conditions for at least three years. 7 the day said

After a dispute with Incheon International Airport Corporation, Sky72 recently stopped operating the Bada course due to forced execution following the Supreme Court ruling to hand over the golf course site.

As the business stopped, about 1,000 people, including renters, caddies, beautification, security, facilities, and lesson pros, who rented golf course facilities, also lost their income.

They are demanding countermeasures while occupying the discontinued Sky 72 golf course sea course.

Instead, Sky72 requested that the sea course business be resumed immediately in order to maintain the livelihood of related workers and prevent damage to the golf course until the process of business transfer and succession of the status of the sports facility business is completed.

Regarding this, KMH Shilla Leisure Consortium, the follow-up operator of the golf course, issued a statement and said, “It is just a trick and deception to regain control of the sea course.” criticized.

Then, he asked the existing business operator, “Please recover common sense and abide by the law to actively cooperate with the normalization of the golf course.”

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