Shall we alleviate the fullback famine? Forward Support ‘Active’ Shim Sang-min and Kim Jin-ya

While the national football team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann is struggling with a lack of fullback resources, Shim Sang-min (Pohang Steelers) and Kim Jin-ya (FC Seoul), who play in the professional soccer K-League, have a chance to score with a sharp forward pass. The future activity is attracting attention due to conspicuous movements such as creating

Shim Sang-min played as a left fullback in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 8 Ulsan Hyundai match held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 22nd and digested both the first and second half.

Shim Sang-min made an amazing pass in the 13th minute of the first half. Shim Sang-min sent a low and fast pass to his teammate Ko Young-jun in the front near the side touch line.

The Ulsan defenders, who thought the pass was close to a mistake, failed to respond properly without reading Sim Sang-min’s intentions. In the meantime, the ball exquisitely entered the penalty box, and after winning the ball, Ko Young-jun beat Ulsan goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo and scored a goal.

It was a pass that fully showed Shim Sang-min’s long-distance passing ability. Shim Sang-min ranked first in the packing index league in long-distance passes over 30m in rounds 1-4 compiled by the Korea Professional Football Federation.

Packing is a concept devised by German soccer players Stefan Reinartz and Jens Hegeler in 2014, and is an index that can determine the maximum number of opponents a player can pass or dribble. Shim Sang-min scored an average of 5.23 points in this packing index, beating second place Kim Young-kwon (4.07 points) by a wide margin and rising to first place.

Seoul’s right-sided defender Kim Jin-ya also played an active part in the super match against Suwon Samsung at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the same day. 메이저놀이터

Kim Jin-ya, who showed off her presence by diligently going up and down the side, induced a goal with a sharp space pass in the 36th minute of the second half with a 2-0 lead.

Kim Jin-ya, who won the ball from the side of the Seoul camp, saw Na Sang-ho on the half line and sent a long space pass. It was an accurate pass that calculated Na Sang-ho’s main effort.

Na Sang-ho, who caught the ball, ran alone to the gate of Suwon and then shot in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. Palošević kicked the ball blocked by goalkeeper Yang Hyeong-mo. With this goal, Seoul, which led 3-0, seized the victory.

Sim Sang-min and Kim Jin-ya, who played key roles in the national team by age group, have never played in the adult national team. It is also worth watching whether Sim Sang-min and Kim Jin-ya will be options for Klins Man-ho, who is suffering from a lack of flank defense resources.

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