Samsung beats Kiwoom with Buchanan Hotu and red pepper powder

Kiwoom Heroes, who needed a victory in the Samsung Lions ranking competition, caught on. On the 29th, Samsung won 7-2 in a face-to-face confrontation with Kiwoom at Gocheok Sky Dome on the second day of three consecutive weekend expeditions.

Samsung stayed at the bottom (10th place), but ran with 2 wins in a row and became 35 wins, 1 draw and 52 losses. On the other hand, Kiwoom could not continue with a winning streak and the flow was cut off. It maintained its 9th place and suffered its 50th loss of the season (41 wins, 3 draws).안전놀이터

The key to Samsung’s victory was David Buchanan, who started the game. Buchanan threw 105 pitches in 6 innings against the Kiwoom lineup, giving up 5 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts and 2 runs.

David Buchanan of the Samsung Lions started in an away game against the Kiwoom Heroes on the 29th and fulfilled his duties with 2 runs in 6 innings. [Photo = iNews24 Photo DB]

He achieved a quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 innings by a starting pitcher), became a winning pitcher, and recorded his 8th win (6 losses) of the season. Kiwoom had a difficult game that day.

Choi Won-tae, who was originally scheduled to start, was traded to the LG Twins, and Kiwoom put Kim Dong-hyuk on the mound as a substitute starter. Kim Dong-hyeok was shaken with 5 hits and 4 runs in 2 innings and eventually became a losing pitcher. I suffered the 6th loss of the season (1 win, 6 holds).

Samsung took the lead by making a big inning in the top of the second inning. After one out, Kang Han-ul and Lee Jae-hyun scored a double and a hit, respectively, to take the lead. Kim Dong-jin picked a walk and the chance continued, and Ryu Ji-hyeok struck a timely hit and scored an additional point.

After Samsung added one more point by Kiwoom’s selection of defensive fielders, Kim Seong-yoon made a timely hit and ran away 4-0.

Kiwoom, who had been dragged away, also made up for two points by concentrating on four hits, starting with the hit of Lee Joo-hyung, who joined the team through a trade at the end of the third inning. However, in Samsung, José Pirella, who came out as the lead batter in the top of the 6th inning, hit a double, and Kim Dong-jin, who came out to bat in a second-out situation, hit a double at the right time, widening the score to 5-2.

In the second half of the game, in the beginning of the 8th inning, Kim Seong-yoon hit a timely triple with 2 RBIs to solidify the victory. Kim Seong-yoon started as a right fielder and second hitter that day and led the Samsung batting line with 3 hits and 3 RBIs.

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