Russia discusses return to European football federation ‘It won’t be easy to come back’

In 2023, the sanctions of the European Football Federation (UEFA), which blocks the international stage of the Russian Football Association (RFU) for the time being, are expected to continue.

Russian media outlets such as TASS reported that the head of the Russian Football Association visited Nyon, Switzerland, where the UEFA headquarters is located, to discuss the return of their professional soccer team and national team to the international stage.

However, according to British Sky News, UEFA is known to have no intention of lifting sanctions against Russia right away, but it is known that Russia is putting an end to the war as a condition.

After the meeting, RFU vice-president Aleksandr Alayev declined to comment to reporters, and UEFA is refusing to comment to the press.

The RFU also said in a statement that “both sides have agreed terms for further consultations while maintaining contact.

The next meeting will be held in February,” but did not disclose details.

In the midst of this, Sky News reported through its own coverage that “during the war, it was determined that UEFA had no room to allow Russian clubs to return (to the international stage).”

UEFA, which watches the situation of the Russian football world, is considering whether Russia will return to international competitions under its umbrella, but this media commented that this is also preparation based on the end of the war.

Russia was kicked out of the international arena, including the FIFA World Cup European qualifiers in Qatar, due to the invasion of Ukraine in February this year. 메이저놀이터

They were also excluded from the group draw for the 2024 European Championships.

Since then, only unofficial friendly matches have been played against former Soviet Union countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

As activities in Europe were not easy, at the end of last year, RFU even considered joining the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

After nearly a week of deliberation, the RFU announced that they were giving up on moving to AFC.

Even if he wants to join Asian football, there is no guarantee that the AFC side will accept it, so he will focus on negotiations with UEFA.

UEFA retains sanctions against Russia, but has yet to make any announcements about relocating the Super Cup scheduled for August in Kazan, Russia.

The UEFA Super Cup is a competition between the Champions League (UCL) and Europa League winners in a single match to determine the owner of the trophy.

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