“Running Rashford-Baran, that’s a crime!”… EPL Legend’s ‘Battle Criticism’

Michael Owen, regarded as one of the legendary strikers in the English Premier League (EPL), criticized Manchester United. To be precise, he lashed out at Marcus Rashford and Raphael Varane. He has also played for Manchester United 메이저놀이터in the past. He gave a cold-hearted criticism to the absurd mistakes of his juniors.

Manchester United drew 2-2 in the 2022-23 season EPL Leeds United match at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 9th.

The scene that made Owen angry came in the 20th minute of the second half. A free kick was awarded to Leeds, who had taken a 2-1 lead. In front of him, Man United built a defensive wall. Four people stood, and Rashford and Baran took their seats in the middle.

Aaronson hits the kick with his right foot. The ball passed between Rashford and Baran and hit the left post. A poignant moment for Man United. If this goal had been scored, Leeds’ victory could have been certain. Fortunately, the goalpost saved Man United.

In response, Owen said in an interview with EPL: “It’s an unbelievable scene. This defensive wall is unbelievable. Look at the separation between Baran and Rashford. The ball went low, through the middle. It didn’t go over the wall. If not, this is a crime. This is a crime,” he criticized.

He added, “If it went in, serious words would have been exchanged. Inside the defensive wall, you have to be brave and daring.

On the other hand, he praised Jadon Sancho, who scored the equalizer.

Owen said: “This goal will give Sancho a lot of confidence. It will also have a big impact on how he adapts to the game. I think he is a good enough player. that,” he said.

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