Shin Bong-ki (33), an FA infielder, received an offer to stay in the original team KT Wiz. Attention is focused on his final decision to end Django.

Shin Bong-gi, who transferred from Lotte to KT through a trade in December 2020, made a bold decision to enter the free agency market despite a sluggish batting average of 10.8 and 2.02 this season. At the time, in an interview with OSEN, he said, “I had a lot of trouble this year, but I thought that I must apply if I get FA qualification.” There is,” he explained.

Shin Bong-ki is conducting personal training at Suwon KT Wiz Park under the consideration of the KT club. At the same time, he set up a negotiation table with the KT front desk twice, and Shin Bong-gi, who did not have an agent, received an offer to stay on the condition of a contract period of 1 + 1 year and a little less than this year’s annual salary (115 million won) in his second meeting. Negotiations have been concluded without a conclusion, and Shinbongi has been struggling for over 10 days. The KT club is also waiting for Shinbongi’s decision.

KT recruited FA shortstop Kim Sang-soo along with Sim Woo-jun’s military enlistment, but the thirst for infielders has not been quenched. A backup shortstop to support Kim Sang-soo is needed, and the second baseman Park Kyung-soo and Oh Yoon-seok are a bit lacking in weight to play a season. In addition, Jang Jun-won, who came from LG last May, can only return in September next year due to a cruciate ligament rupture in his knee. This is the reason why KT proposed negotiations to remain with Shin Bong-gi.

According to Shinbongi, there is currently no other club that has received a free agent offer other than KT, the original team. So his options narrowed down to two. It is either accepting KT’s remaining negotiations or waiting for a better contract from another club with a little more time.메이저놀이터

Of course, the stable choice is the former. After the FA mania hit last month, the market froze coldly, but regardless of the terms and conditions, once an offer came in, a way to extend his active career was opened. During the contract period, a reversal can be made and another contract can be achieved.

However, if a player wants to be treated better, he must remain on the market at the risk of being lost. There is no agent, so it adds to the trouble of having to look for other teams on your own. Shin Bong-gi is known to have had a somewhat different opinion on the down payment from the KT club.

In a phone call with OSEN, Shin Bong-gi said, “The KT club paid attention to me, but I think I need to think about it because I received a cold evaluation. Since I am not alone, I have family members, so I will think a little more before making a final decision.”