Pittsburgh, challenge for a streak with the same lineup as the previous day 

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced the same lineup as the day before.

Pittsburgh announced the starting lineup for the home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, which will be held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 20th (Korean time).

Andrew McCutchen (designated hitter) Brian Reynolds (left fielder) Jack Suwinski (center fielder) Carlos Santana (first baseman) Ki Brian Hayes (third baseman) Tucupita Macano (shortstop) Bae Ji-hwan (second baseman) Josh Palacios (right fielder) ) lineup of Austin Hedges (catcher) against right-hander Brandon Pout.

With this batting line, Pittsburgh scored 17 hits the previous day and won 13-3. Against another right-handed starter, he also foreshadowed a left-handed batting line.메이저사이트

The Pittsburgh starting pitcher is Mitch Keller, who is 5-1 with a 2.38 ERA. Changed order with Roanci Contreras.

In an interview before the game, manager Derek Shelton said, “I didn’t want Keller to take a week off to pitch. He considered having him throw in the first game of the series and sticking to the four-day rest routine, but I thought it would be nice to have extra rest at this point,” he said of adjusting his starting schedule.

Dwayne Underwood Jr., who suffered an abnormality in the forearm of his right arm while pitching the previous day, was not listed on the injured list.

Shelton said: “Right now, things are fine. I tested yesterday and will test again today. It is in very good condition now,” he said.

The condition is fine, but it is difficult to pitch in the game today. When asked if there are any bullpen pitchers who can handle more than two innings, he mentioned names such as Yohan Ramirez, Jose Hernandez, and Rob Jastrizni and said, “About two or three can do it. Ramirez replied, “If you throw efficiently, you can go for more than two innings.”

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