Park Seung-min, the Hanwha bullpen coach, said, “I have nothing to say if the pitching team is weak… ”

“I have nothing to say about our pitching staff being weak. However, his position and restraint are really great.”

After finishing the 2022 season at the bottom once again, the Hanwha Eagles embarked on a massive coaching staff reinforcement. Hanwha has many coaches, including head coach Lee Dae-jin, and among them, bullpen coach Park Seung-min left kt Wiz and joined.

Hanwha said, “Coach Seung-Min Park shows off a somewhat blunt appearance and charisma, but he shows off a soft side when taking care of the pitchers.” I am communicating with the mindset not to confuse the players.”

Coach Park also coldly diagnosed the Hanwha Mound. While nodding his head at the cold evaluation of the people around him, he also clearly grasped the positive aspects.

The following is a Q&A with Hanwha bullpen coach Park Seung-min.

Q. You joined the team from the finish camp last year. Why did you come to Hanwha?

As much as he experienced winning at kt, he thought he had done everything he had to do there. After he received an offer from Hanwha, he came to the idea that he would have something to do here. A new experience always excites me and gives me a new mindset. It seems like an opportunity to develop. Hanwha has many pitchers that are as good as expected. I think I should win here as well.

Q. This is your first spring camp at Hanwha.

We are past the beginning of training. I think our pitchers have prepared well during the offseason. Most of them are fast paced. It’s doing as expected.

Q. How did you 온라인바카라work with Coach Rosado?

Fits well. It is my first time working with a foreign coach as a bullpen coach, but there is no big problem because I have experience working with foreign coaching staff in the Futures team during my time at Kiwoom. It’s going well so far.

Q. Hanwha Mound was the lowest among the 10 clubs last season. There is an evaluation that is the weakest.

There is nothing special to say about the evaluation that our pitching staff is weak because the results speak for the pros. However, I don’t think it’s pushed at all if you think only of your throwing ability. I watched with interest to find out why the results were not good for a player with good ability. I’m slowly figuring out why. I think there will be positive changes if we find and fix the problems.

Q. What are the strengths of Hanwha pitchers?

I don’t just say it because it’s a team, but our players’ balls are really great. Since we have a lot of high-round players in the draft, there are many players with high potential. Above all, I like things that I have innately, such as position and restraint.

Q. What theme and goal do you plan to guide the players through this spring camp?

Personally, I don’t think it’s okay to instill my own themes into the players at camp. Of course, the desire to help is great, but the coach’s guidance and the track change make the players confused. Even if it is good information, the effect is not good the moment the track it conveys diverges. So, rather than my thoughts or themes, I plan to follow the direction coach Rosado has. If there are things I want to do, Rosa also thinks it’s right to communicate with the coach and do it through him.

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