Park Kun-woo runs next to Kang In-kwon… AVG 0.500? Attitude rather than numbers, when will the anger disappear?

About a week has passed since the Park Gun-woo incident occurred in NC. Park Kun-woo was excluded from the first team on the 3rd. He started going to the Futures League from the 5th. It was exactly as coach Kang In-kwon predicted that Park Gun-woo would play in the second team. Park Geon-woo played as the designated hitter in Changwon Sangmu match that day and scored 1 run with 2 RBIs in 2 at-bats.먹튀검증

After taking a break on the 6th, the NC 2nd team will continue to play 3 home games with Lotte from the 7th to the 9th. As the game on the 7th was canceled due to monsoon rain, Park Kun-woo is expected to appear again in the game on the 8th. By the way, the NC 1 team is also scheduled to have 3 home matches with Samsung from the 7th.

The NC 1 team finished 9 consecutive matches in the metropolitan area with 2 wins and 6 losses. Returning home on the 7th, the first half ends with six consecutive matches against Samsung and Lotte. In other words, the schedule in which the NC 1st and 2nd teams play a weekend home game side by side. Changwon NC Park, the home stadium of Division 1, and Changwon Masan Stadium, the home stadium of Division 2, are right next to each other. You can go there in 5 minutes on foot.

The NC 2nd Army will also play Lotte at 18:00 on the 8th and 9th. It overlaps with the 1st team’s Samsung match. Because of this, it is impossible for coach Kang In-kwon to directly watch Park Gun-woo’s performance in the 2nd team. Still, coach Kang can closely check the preparations for the 2nd team game if he wants to.

Park Kun-woo is not a player whose grades in the second group are important. He didn’t go to the second team because he needed technical adjustments. The important thing is the work technique that Park Gun-woo shows in the 2nd group. The most important thing is whether or not to show sincerity about baseball itself.

Director Kang said that he would not set the time for Park Kun-woo to return to the first team on his own will. He said he would respect the opinions of the coaching staff of the 2nd team watching Park Kun-woo. And he said he would listen to the thoughts of the first team players.

You can’t see it in the first team for 10 days anyway, and it is possible to return to the final match in the first half against Lotte on the 13th. Realistically, there is a high possibility of returning to the first three-game series in the second half against Hanwha, which will start on the 21st. Maybe he won’t make a comeback even then. At this point, it is not known at all when Park Gun-woo will return.

Park Kun-woo must have already grasped Director Kang’s intentions through media reports. There is no way that you don’t know that changing your consciousness is more important than showing something. If NC manages this situation well, it may rather strengthen the team chemistry in the second half and use it as a driving force for counterattack. Director Kang In-kwon’s leadership has already worked.

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