Park Dong-won, who caught both rabbits, with a shorter and more concise swing

Park Dong-won caught both rabbits with a short and concise swing.

Who would have predicted that LG Twins catcher Park Dong-won would lead the team in home runs? But it’s a reality.

In the match against the Samsung Lions held in Daegu on the 14th, Park Dong-won led the team to an 8-5 victory with 2 hits and 4 RBIs including a two-run gun in the 4th inning. All 4 RBIs were perfect for nutritional value. Samsung starter Buchanan’s strong pitching prevented LG from struggling, but in the 4th inning, which was down 1-5, Park Dong-won beat Buchanan in pursuit. These two points served as a stepping stone, and LG succeeded in reversing by adding three points in the 7th inning.

Park Dong-won’s performance did not end here. In the top of the ninth inning, when he had a 6-5 ice lead, he hit a decisive two-run double that perfectly brought the win. No matter what anyone says, the hero of the day was Park Dong-won.

With this home run, Park Dong-won increased the number of home runs in the season to nine. 1st place alone. Hanwha Eagles Roh Si-hwan is chasing him with 8, but in fact, it is a great thing that Park Dong-won is running in first place like this. There was a season in 2021 when he hit 22 home runs, and his long hitting power has been recognized, but I didn’t expect to hit home runs at such a fast pace. If you keep going like this, you will get more than 30 calculations.

On the 14th, a KBO league match between Samsung and LG was held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. In the 4th inning, LG Park Dong-won hit a two-run home run against Samsung Buchanan. Park Dong-won receiving congratulations from his colleagues. Daegu = Reporter Jeongheon
Here, Park Dong-won joined LG as a free agent ahead of this season. Players who use Jamsil Stadium, the largest stadium in Korea, as their home are inevitably at a disadvantage in the home run competition. It is surprising that he is leading the home run race even in this Jamsil Stadium’dis advantage’. It’s not even that I hit less in Jamsil. Passed 5 batted balls.

In addition to the home run, he is also good at concentrating on chances, such as his 2 RBIs and 2 bases in the 9th inning. With 24 RBIs this season, he is ranked fifth in the division. Although his batting average in scoring position is not high at 209, it means that he will give one shot at a time when it is really needed.

LG has no choice but to laugh. A bat is also a bat, but I invested a huge amount of 6.5 billion won to show stability as a catcher.

Park Dong-won picked a short and concise swing as the secret to his recent success. Park Dong-won’s swing during his days with Nexen and Kiwoom Heroes was ‘all or nothing’. He didn’t need batting average or hits, so he only took one big one, and it was Lasik’s 120% full swing. He went over if he was really caught. However, the accuracy was too low.

On the 12th, a KBO league match between Samsung and LG was held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. LG Park Dong-won batting. Daegu = Reporter Jeongheon
The bigger problem is that the swing was too big, so there were several scenes where the bat was hit by the catchers with the action of releasing the bat from the hand. Not only was it too dangerous, but the voice of criticism was loud that the same catcher took only what he would take without thinking about the catcher’s position at all.카지노사이트

But with a short, compact swing, it’s much easier to add power to the bat and no longer have to hit the opposing catcher. Park Dong-won must have been nervous about hitting because of painful memories when he made an excessively large swing, but now that he can freely turn the bat, his grades will inevitably improve.

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