“Our high-level team, the puzzle is being put together” Santana showed a bright side

“I said let’s forget about the previous set. I think it worked out that I wanted to show a better side of myself.”

IBK Industrial Bank held a set score of 3-2 (25-16, 25-15, 21-25, 14-25, 16-14) in the GS Caltex game in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at Hwaseong Sports Complex on the 11th. ) to secure 4th place.

Dali Santana (registered name Santana) was responsible for the most goals for her team with 23 points including two serves. She led the team to victory by continuing to score at critical moments with an attack success rate of 51.22%.

Santana, whom she met after the game, said, “I always find her rhythm late or struggle and then the games she wins feel better. This match was not easy. She seems to have been able to win because she was determined to find her rhythm quickly,” she said with a broad smile.

The 1st and 2nd sets were relatively easy with all the strikers scoring. However, it was IBK Industrial Bank that gave away from the 3rd set and did not bring any atmosphere until the beginning of the 5th set. What did the players say to each other? Santana said, “Since there are 5 sets left, let’s forget how we played the previous set. I wanted to show a new game, and I was able to win because I showed a better image,” recalling the situation at the time when we were encouraging each other. 스포츠토토

Early this season, Santana also had a rough start. With a receiving efficiency of 47.29%, he kept the team’s rear strong, but his decision making was disappointing. However, from the second half of the second round, it seemed to find vitality in the attack. The success rate also increased by more than 1% to 36.32%. In response, Santana said, “It’s getting better and better. we are the perfect team Each puzzle is fitting well, and I think we are playing high-level volleyball. It’s good that I can do what the team needs.”

In the middle of the game, coach Kim Ho-cheol was able to see Santana directing the operation. what will he think “Sometimes during a game when a change is needed quickly or when talking about defense, he speaks without going through an interpreter. He thinks he is communicating with the director. Hearing that story can help you focus and think about what to do with the next ball. I think it’s good.” He sent a positive answer.

“The coach always helps us to play at a high level. It provides mental support so that players can show 100% of their abilities or more. So I think we can do well,” he said, not forgetting to thank his teacher.

During matches, Santana can often be seen encouraging the players. When asked what he would say, Santana said, “When the atmosphere is low, I try to say something nice rather than aggressive. He often says, ‘Don’t hesitate and try’, ‘Challenge, don’t worry’. Communication is good, so I think this match ended well,” he concluded the interview.

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