‘One-top current form’ Mitoma, even Tottenham legend “great player”

 A baptism of praise continues for Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton & Hove Albion), a big issue in the English Premier League (EPL)메이저놀이터 this season.

Mitoma quickly emerged as the ace responsible for Brighton’s offense. Mitoma, who is good at fast and flashy dribbling, is drawing love from fans because he is not afraid of one-on-one with the opponent’s defense. Now, he is attracting attention from big clubs by taking down Liverpool by even scoring his own goals.

As Mitoma performed, his ransom also jumped. As Arsenal and other strong teams began to observe Mitoma, it is now evaluated that 35 million pounds (approximately 53 billion won) is good enough.

The main reason why his ransom price goes up is because he continues to be well-received. There are many who evaluate Mitoma as showing the best performance in the current European league. In the end, Tottenham Hotspur legend Jermaine Defoe also rated Mitoma as “remarkable talent”.

Through ‘Optus Sports’, he said, “Not only Mitoma’s goals, but also his performance are very important. Mitoma studied dribbling in college three years ago, but now he is doing the most successful dribbling.” .

Defoe even praised Brighton for discovering Mitoma. He applauded Brighton’s decision to recognize Mitoma, saying, “It’s an incredible signing. It’s amazing. It’s the club’s effort to find and sign such a player.”

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