On the 3rd day, the longest adaptation period, Hwang Min-kyung’s ‘color’ different greetings

 “I had a lot of worries (about the transfer), but the manager (Kim Ho-cheol) said that it would be better if I came.”

Previously, on the 18th of last month, IBK Industrial Bank said in an official press release, “We signed a FA contract with Hwang Min-kyung for an annual salary of 450 million won (annual salary of 320 million won + option of 130 million won).” 

Hwang Min-kyung joined Korea Expressway Corporation in the 2nd place in the 1st round in the 2008-09 season, and after that, Hwang Min-kyung, who worked for Hyundai E&C (2017-2023) through GS Caltex, participated in 34 regular league games in the 22-23 season and accumulated 266 points. Scored, with an average receiving efficiency of 41.82% and 3.5 digs per set. 

On the 3rd, I visited the Yongin Training Institute to meet Hwang Min-kyung on board the ‘Kim Ho-cheol’. Hwang Min-kyung, who said she had just finished track training, smiled and said, “It’s not bad” when asked about her current condition. I build my body for a month in May, and ball training begins in earnest from June. 

Hwang Min-kyung joined on the 1st and is now on the 3rd day. The atmosphere of the team is still ‘understanding’. Having become the oldest member of the team, he said, “Anyway, all the players of my age were called up to the national team, and among the remaining juniors, the player with the smallest age difference with me is (Kim) Ha-kyung. “he confessed. The image that has been familiar with Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s green uniform has been naturally adapted to IBK’s blue T-shirt and white training suit. 

He spent about four years as a captain at his previous team, Hyundai E&C. To be honest, it wasn’t easy to leave behind accumulated experience points, regrettable grades missed several times, and dear friends.

However, IBK, who sent Santana after finishing the season with disappointing results, had to refill both sides of the air and defense. There is a high possibility that a new foreign player will be hired for the main opposition spiker position. For this, a stable receive was required. This is why IBK chose Hwang Min-kyung. 

He said, “Actually, it’s not easy to be stronger than Santana in the offensive part. My role is to fill the defense,” he said. He added, “One of the reasons I chose IBK is because they play speed volleyball. If they fit well, the timing will come for a good attack.”

How was IBK’s team play and reception when facing opponents over the net? When asked about this, he said, “I felt that it was a team with some ups and downs.” I could push through, but I think it was difficult because I lacked that kind of determination.”

Hwang Min-kyung, born in 1990, came in, and Kim Su-ji (Heungkuk Life Insurance), born in 1987, transferred. Currently, the oldest player under him is Kim Hee-jin, born in 1991. He became the oldest veteran once again. Although the captain is Shin Yeon-kyung, leadership as the oldest and former captain is expected once again. When asked about this, a calm answer like that of an eldest sister came back. 

“Still, I think that being the captain of the previous team for 4 years will be very helpful not only in volleyball but also in life. Before that, I didn’t have a wide view, but after taking the captaincy, I intentionally see the youngest players once more, coach and player As I played my role in the middle of the field, I came to see more things.”

Of course, there are things that do not change. The cheering song (B*Witched-Mickey) and back number are the same. Number 15, which was used by Hyundai E&C, will continue to be used by Industrial Bank of Korea. He replied, “I wrote that song (cheering song) for quite a long time, I don’t like changing it, so I think I’ll keep the number as it is.”

Recently, Industrial Bank of Korea won the first pick in the Asian Quarter Draft, which opened for the first time after the launch of the V-League. He also recruited Phonpun Gedpard, a setter and captain of the Thai national team, who has been attracting attention as the biggest language. Hwang Min-kyung had the experience of facing Fontun over the net, and now they play on the same court. What kind of player was Phonpun?

“I wanted to hit that friend’s ball at least once, (when facing Ponpun), he made a toss that was really difficult to read when blocking or when he was doing it, is it called an invisible toss? It won’t be easy to get faster here because the bank plays fast volleyball, but I think the accuracy will be a little higher.”

Last year and this year, I was so busy that I couldn’t even do my hobby (drums) properly. When I told him about his nephew, his face turned red. “He is five years old this year and is growing very well,” he said. When asked, “Do you know that my aunt moved to another team?”, she replied, “This time, Dain (nephew) moved the daycare center to a new place. He seemed to understand.” He laughed. 

Domestic volleyball is off-season, but from the end of this month, the women’s national volleyball team will go to the 2023 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) Volleyball Nations League (VNL). Hwang Min-kyung fought a difficult fight by boarding the 2022 VNL national team after Kim Yeon-kyung retired from the national team. She also expressed extraordinary sympathy for the gaze of the national team going out this time.

He said, “Last year was so hard, I thought it would be so hard to see the national team now.” It was exhausting because I had to train,” he confessed.메이저놀이터

I changed my mind a bit. Rather than a hopeless obsession with winning or losing, I worked with the mindset of ‘let’s get it’. He said, “At the time, I played the game with the mindset of ‘I have to learn something’, and it was a situation where I was seeing world-class high-class volleyball with my body and eyes.” I felt like I was switching over and over again. 

Finally, he greeted the fans who will be visiting Mars to watch the next season, ‘Tonky’.

“When I said I was moving, the fans supported me a lot, so thank you. I will always do my best on the court and play with sincerity in every single ball. 

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