On a spring day, ‘that tournament’ where the whole family played together is back.

Gangwon-do’s representative ‘traditional race’ is coming after 3 years.

The running festival of 3 million people in Gangwon, ‘The 64th Short Marathon Contest and the 24th Municipal Health Running Contest with High1 Resort’ will be held simultaneously in 18 cities and counties in the province on the 1st of next month온라인바카라. Hosted by the Gangwon Ilbo, which celebrated its 78th anniversary, and supervised by the Gangwon-do Athletics Federation, this year’s event has a greater meaning than ever.

It is a competition that has been held normally in three years since the outbreak of Corona 19, and is the first competition to be held since the death of the late Mr. Ham Gi-yong from Chuncheon, the ‘Hero of the Boston Marathon’. It is also a place to celebrate the launch of Gangwon-do Special Self-Governing Province on June 11 and pledge to develop the region. Participants are expected to soothe their tired minds and bodies due to COVID-19 and find new vitality.

On the 1st of the following month, at 1:00 pm in front of the Gangwon Ilbo in Chuncheon, ordinary participants will run 10km and 5km (men and women) courses. After passing through the old camp page and crossing Soyang 2nd Bridge, the participants of the 10km course will turn around the halfway point in front of the puppet theater and return to Gangwon Ilbo. Due to Corona 19, I ran the existing course again in 3 years.

However, in the case of the 5km course, it is composed of a course that crosses the Chuncheon Bridge at the old camp page and returns from Legoland, not the existing course, to prevent traffic congestion. To measure the record of this competition, the lap time, which measures the time of one lap set according to the track or race section, is applied.

Prior to this, at 12:50 noon on the same day, elite runners will start the shortened marathon first at the same starting point. The shortened marathon started in 1960 as a gateway to Korean marathons and has continued the tradition for the 64th time this year. Hwang Yeong-jo, a native of Samcheok, the “Hero of Montjuic,” who conquered the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, developed his dream of winning an Olympic gold medal through this event.

Gangneung City Hall’s business team and others will participate in the competition to shine. In addition, Gangwon marathon dreamers who dream of becoming the ‘second Hwang Yeong-jo’ run with the special mission of reviving the Gangwon marathon.

If you want to participate, you can apply through the website (http://31marathon.kwnews.co.kr/). You can apply for the shortened marathon until 6:00 pm on the 22nd, and you can apply for the healthy running competition until 6:00 pm on the 24th.

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