Now ‘Busan’ Lee Seung-gi “It was difficult and confusing, but motivation is great”

 I built a new nest after 10 years. It’s awkward to wear a new uniform, but it’s full of excitement. Veteran midfielder Lee Seung-gi (34), who moved from Jeonbuk Hyundai to Busan I-Park, is preparing to stand on the ground with a new mindset.

On the 15th, Busan officially announced the recruitment of Lee Seung-gi, saying, “I expect that he will hold the center of the midfield.”

It’s a transfer in 10 years. Lee Seung-gi made his professional debut at Gwangju FC in 2011 and moved to Jeonbuk in 2013. Except for the 2015 ~ 2016 Sangju Sangmu days, he has been in Jeonbuk all the time, but the opportunity to participate has gradually decreased since last year. He went down to the Jeonbuk B team of K4 and stepped on the ground, and his position was narrowed. Last season, he appeared in 16 games and recorded one assist.

It was the same this season. He was excluded from the entry for the opening three games, and eventually chose to move to Busan. Lee Seung-gi, who contacted this magazine on the 16th, said, “I moved the team in 10 years. It’s the first time since I moved from Gwangju to Jeonbuk, so I’m both excited and awkward. He is still unfamiliar with trying to adapt to the current environment. I think I need to memorize the names of the players quickly,” he laughed.

After completing the final medical test, he joined the team and completed the contract on the 15th. On the 16th, he went to his first official training together. Lee Seung-gi said, “I haven’t met the players yet, so I’m not sure (the atmosphere), but maybe it’s because I’m young, I’m greeted, but it’s awkward.”

I had a hard time getting away from the ground. Lee Seung-gi said, “As the opportunity to participate decreased, I was embarrassed and confused. He also worried about how to accept and overcome the situation. It is true that it was difficult to get my mind together. He leads by example and is a friendly older brother. So did his wife and his family. I also heard words of consolation that he couldn’t play in the game because he couldn’t do it.” 토토사이트

I reunited with Director Park after about 9 months. Before taking the helm of Busan in June of last year, coach Park led the Jeonbuk B team. Lee Seung-gi said, “The director told me about the roles I need to play in the team. Since he moved to a new team, he set an example and asked for strength to help the team,” he said, “but he didn’t put too much pressure on me. As a veteran, he wanted the team to do what he could do,” he added.

Stepping on the stage of the 2nd division for the first time. In Gwangju (2011-2012), when Lee Seung-gi was in charge, it was before the promotion and relegation system was introduced in professional football. He said, “It is the same whether you play soccer in the 1st or 2nd division. It’s just a difference. I think I have to adapt while playing the game,” he said. “The goal is, of course, promotion. He is highly motivated as he has come to a new team. I will do my best and help the team as much as I trusted and called.”

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