‘Navel bigger than belly’ Lotte’s Han Hyun-hee safety device

 The Lotte Giants finished all of the Stove League signings with free agency Han Hyun-hee.

On the 17th, Lotte signed an FA contract with Han Hyun-hee for a total of 4 billion won, including a down payment of 300 million won and a guaranteed annual salary of 1.5 billion won (up to 3.7 billion won).

It is necessary to look closely at the details of this contract, such as options. This is because Lotte put a safety device in place to reduce the risk of ‘eating and running’.

Han Hyun-hee, who debuted in 2012 and played 10 seasons until last year, is a pitcher who participated in 416 games and recorded 65 wins, 43 losses, 105 holds, 8 saves, and an average ERA of 4.26. He played most of his career as a set-up man, but Han Hyun-hee was the A-class bullpen pitcher who represented the league enough to hold 20 or more seasons three times.

However, Han Hyun-hee has recently been criticized for not being self-managing, such as his weight gain and breaking the Corona 19 quarantine rules. As a result, he suffered the humiliation of being excluded from the entry in the Korean Series last year, and eventually, after obtaining FA qualification, he was shunned by many clubs as well as raising his original team.

Han Hyun-hee is a pitcher who can guarantee a solid performance if he holds his heart and concentrates only on baseball. And Lotte, who reached out his hand, is stimulating the motivation of players while including a considerable amount in plus incentives. 온라인바카라

First of all, the total amount of 4 billion won is currently evaluated as the maximum considering Han Hyun-hee’s skills. You can’t spread it randomly. This is because he has not lived up to expectations in recent years, so the possibility of ‘eating and running’ cannot be ruled out.

Lotte actually proposed 3+1 years to Han Hyun-hee. After playing for Lotte for three years, if certain conditions are met, the final season of the FA contract is triggered and the player is given the right to opt out if desired.

The total contract amount is 4 billion won, but the guaranteed amount is 1.8 billion won, including a down payment of 300 million won and an annual salary of 1.5 billion won. The remaining 2.2 billion won is a plus incentive that can be received only when the option is achieved every season. In other words, it can be said that the belly button is bigger than the stomach.

In the major leagues, it is not uncommon to see contracts with excessive plus incentives, and in the KBO league, Shim Jeong-soo and Park Yong-taek also drew attention by signing such contracts in the past.

Therefore, if the option is met, Han Hyun-hee’s annual salary can naturally increase, and from Lotte’s point of view, the player’s performance means an increase in team performance, so he can feel good about giving a bonus. On the other hand, if Han Hyun-hee is sluggish, Lotte will minimize his spending. Han Hyun-hee’s options include innings and multipliers, and it is known that these are conditions that can be achieved only when he plays well without skipping pitches.

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